The epidemic situation in the United States is underestimated due to the popularity of home testing? Biden urged people to get vaccinated again

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With the rapid spread of delta virus strain in the United States, the number of new crown cases in many states in the country continues to surge, and the demand for new crown detection also increases greatly. However, the rapid home new crown test kit developed by American companies has raised concerns that the epidemic situation in the United States is underestimated because it does not have to report positive results. On the other hand, with Pfizer’s vaccine fully authorized, US President Biden once again called on people to be vaccinated as soon as possible.


Positive and not reported? Home detection or renvoi epidemic is underestimated


Delta virus is rampant in the United States, and the demand for new crown detection has increased greatly. Abbott’s fast home new crown detection kit has been popular in the United States since its launch. However, because it does not require a prescription and there is no mechanism for reporting to health institutions, this may lead to many new crown cases not being recorded.


According to the report, it is unclear how many of Abbott’s self-test suite binaxnow have been sold and used since it was launched in April.


Unlike the tests that must be reported at the new crown test site or laboratory, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s reporting requirements for home testing are very loose. Abbott said it encouraged customers to report their own test results.


At present, newly confirmed cases are still one of the best ways to measure the epidemic. Health officials pay close attention to the data in order to find signs that the current epidemic is coming to an end.


Michael Mina, an infectious disease expert at the school of public health at Harvard University, pointed out that although home testing is helpful to control the epidemic, the data gap may be dangerous.


delta virus strain


Pfizer vaccine was fully approved, Biden called for rapid vaccination


With Pfizer vaccine fully authorized in the United States, US President Biden again called on Americans to get a new crown vaccine as soon as possible on the 23rd. He stressed that at present, the vast majority of new crown hospitalizations and deaths occur in people who have not been vaccinated.


“Those who are waiting for full approval should get vaccinated now.” Biden said at the White House on the 23rd. He said that after evaluating a large amount of clinical trial data, U.S. regulators concluded that there is no doubt that the new crown vaccine is safe and highly effective.


Biden said in his speech, “if you are fully vaccinated – two doses and wait for two weeks – then your risk of severe new crown disease is very, very low.”


As of the 22nd, 51% of the US population had been fully vaccinated. With Pfizer vaccine fully approved, it is expected that more enterprises and schools will introduce mandatory vaccine requirements. Before full approval, some enterprises and institutions dare not do so, although there is no legal problem.


Earlier on the 23rd, the New York City Government announced that public school staff must be vaccinated. Biden called on other schools and enterprises to do the same in his speech“ The vaccine is free. It’s waiting for you there. Let’s fight it today. For yourself, for your family, neighbors and country. ” Biden appealed.

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