The mutant strain “ETA” appears! It has affected 82 countries and regions around the world

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COVID-19 variant strain ETA:According to latest reports, the COVID-19 variant strain “ETA” has recently appeared in 4 regions of Kazakhstan. The Ministry of health of Kazakhstan said that the mutant strain may have high infectivity, and infected people will have high fever, cough, loss of smell and taste and other symptoms. According to Stanford University coronavirus antiviral and drug resistance database, as of the end of August, “ETA” virus had appeared in 81 countries / regions around the world.


COVID-19 variant strain ETA


In addition to the case in Kazakhstan, at least 82 countries / regions around the world have been affected by the ETA strain. According to the classification of tracking strain transmission by researchers around the world, the “ETA” strain (b.1.525) is most common in Canada (20%), the United States (16%), Germany (10%), France (9%) and Denmark (8%).


According to a report released by WHO in September 15th, Nigeria and Britain first discovered the variant virus in December last year and classified it as the COVID-19 variant of variants of interest, which belongs to the secondary matrix of risk level. In the secondary array of risk level, there are “Miao” (b.1.621), “kappa” (b.1.617.1), “ramda” (b. and other strains.


Since the popularity of COVID-19, a number of COVID-19 variant strains have appeared. Including the first “B.1.1.7” found in the United Kingdom, the “B.1.351” discovered in South Africa, the “gamma” (P.1) discovered in Japan and Brazil, and the “B.1.617” discovered in India, these viruses are classified as “need alert” (variants of concern) by the WHO, which is a variant of the new crown virus with a high risk level. The virus is B.1.351.

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