The new coronavirus has changed again, the vaccine may not be able to prevent! WHO issues warning as it breaks through 9 countries

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On the 1st, an even more threatening variant of the New Coronavirus, has been detected in 9 countries! It is even far more powerful than the Indian delta variant, and in particular may be set to defeat the first generation of the new coronavirus vaccine.


A new study shows that the neo-coronavirus C.1.2 variant has now been identified in nine countries. This variant is more likely to spread than other variants and is more breakthrough for the vaccines currently available in each country.


A study published last week by MedRxiv, a website for pre-printed versions of medical papers, said the C.1.2 variant of the virus has now appeared in Botswana, Mauritius, Congo, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland since it was first discovered in South Africa in May of this year and has been detected by the health systems of those countries.


This latest study, led by a team of South African scientists, points out that the newly discovered mutation, which appears to have a very high mutation rate and a somewhat greater variety of mutations, and is more likely to result in severe illness and hospitalization than other mutations.


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Although the fact that this variant has more mutations does not necessarily mean that the threat is greater, the team says it must all be watched closely.


In the paper, the researchers write, “We are currently evaluating what effect this variant has on the ability of pre-existing antibodies to neutralize New Crown in South African populations infected with, or vaccinated against, New Crown.”


In addition to this C.1.2 virus variant, there are several other globally circulating neo-crown variants that have come to the attention of scientists, including four variants that must be closely watched — Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta — and four more that should be watched — Eta, Iota, Kappa, and Lambda.


For now, Alpha, Beta and Delta have the greatest impact on countries around the world in terms of transmission and immune escape.


The C.1.2 variant was first identified in the third wave of the South African outbreak in May. The latest findings show that it contains many of the mutations found in all the variants that are of close concern or should be watched, and there are some additional variations.


As of August 20, when the paper was submitted for publication, 80 cases of C.1.2 had been identified.


The WHO has not yet determined what level of attention the C.1.2 variant should receive, but the organization says various departments are observing the variant.


WHO Health Emergency Program Technical Lead Maria van Kerckhove said on social media on 31 July that WHO regularly discussed sequencing efforts with South African researchers during the new coronavirus outbreak and thanked them for successfully submitting findings on the C.1.2 variant in July.

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