The new crown “poison king” spread all over the world, and the vaccine failed?

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4.5 million people died in the “catastrophe”, the new crown “poison king” spread all over the world, and the vaccine failed?Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still in the “whirlpool” of the world. The world epidemic situation is still grim. This also makes our country at risk all the time. According to statistics, over 200 million cases of new crown pneumonia have been diagnosed worldwide, and about 4500000 cases have been killed.


The number of deaths is about 4500000. It is reported that the United States is the country with the most serious epidemic at present, with a total of more than 40 million confirmed cases, accounting for 18% of the world. The death toll is also approaching 650000. However, what is more frightening is that a “virus” more terrible than the new crown is breeding. Some people use this to hype that this virus will surpass delta virus and become a new “poison king”, and the vaccine will fail in front of the “poison king”. Is this really the case?


delta virus


The mentally and physically exhausted viruses have been the main reason why people are struggling to fight COVID-19. The emergence of the delta virus has be taken by surprise all over the world. When global scientists are studying the vaccine’s effectiveness against the delta virus, a variant strain spreads rapidly worldwide. Beadle’s strain spreads faster, and is called “lambda”. The mutant strain has been quietly popular in 41 countries and regions around the world, and the mortality rate has even exceeded Delta.


It is understood that the mutant strain was first found in Peru. In only two months, ramda mutant strain has become the main popular new crown strain in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and other South American countries, while it has been found in the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Israel and other countries and regions.


The rumor that some people hype that the ramda mutant strain has become a “new poison king” beyond Delta and that the vaccine is useless has also been refuted by the government. We really should be vigilant against the mutant strain, but we don’t need to ignore some excessive exaggeration of “scare marketing”. After research, some recent data show that “ramda” The mutant strains do have some immune escape, but among the many mutant strains, they do not invalidate the vaccine as these unscrupulous people say.


At present, ramda mutant is recognized as a “noteworthy mutation” by the World Health Organization. What we must do now is to strengthen the prevention and control of delta and ramda mutant strains. Experts say that the most effective way to prevent or delay the spread of the epidemic is vaccination, although some people will have escape free reaction after vaccination, resulting in “winning” However, the vaccine is still effective in dealing with various strains and can effectively reduce the severe and fatal rates. In any case, countries all over the world must unite to fight the epidemic and strive to get rid of this “catastrophe” as soon as possible.

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