The outbreak of the black death — a disaster for the whole of Europe

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Maybe you don’t believe that in Europe in the 14th century, some ships often drifted alone in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and other seas. When you get close to it and board it, you will find that all the people above died in their sleep, black all over and terrible. It’s true.


During the nearly 300 years from around 1300 to the middle and late 15th century, European disasters continued.


The black death, the epidemic bubonic plague, is the main maker of this disaster. At that time, its severity could be said to be full of corpses. In densely populated big cities, the mortality rate is more than 50%. In many places, there are too many dead to be buried, like garbage thrown away.


There were 30000 people in Toulouse in 1335, and only 8000 people died in 1380;


In the 10 years from 1347 to 1357, the population of East Normandy decreased by 30%, and by 1380, it decreased by 30%;


From 1340 to 1404, the rural population in the suburbs of Pistoia decreased by 60%;


In the 100 years of the 14th century, the Black Death killed 25 million Europeans.


In some places, even the person who filled in the statistical report died, and the report has not been reported up to now.


According to the estimation of the history of world civilization written by burns, a famous American historian, the population of Western Europe decreased by half during 1300-1450 due to black death, war, famine and other reasons.


Western Europeans are really fierce. The plague is so fierce that I haven’t forgotten to start another war, fight a war or something, and kill a few more.


Plague is the main culprit, but also with the European society at that time turbulent, people living conditions are extremely simple. The city is a dirty environment, the phenomenon of people and animals living together can be seen everywhere, and people have little knowledge and awareness of indoor hygiene and personal hygiene. Many city mice are plagued with disasters, and various diseases, especially infectious diseases, have been raging in Europe, which has led to a 1346~1351 year plague epidemic in Europe.


 black death


Some people will ask, where is the cat, the natural enemy of mice?


The spread of plague in Europe was largely due to the unfair treatment of cats in the middle ages. At that time, the church said that the cat was the incarnation of the devil Satan, the accomplice of the evil banshee, and the pagan beast allied with the devil, which would bring disaster to mankind at any time. Such a group of meritorious officials, human guards, have become the representative words of evil.


At that time, the cat thought, even if the reputation is bad, there must be a “cat” to catch mice, right? I can’t stop working. No work, what do you eat? Not really. Let’s live, okay? But when people see people kill, sometimes they see mice and cats at the same time. Instead of killing mice, they kill cats.


In medieval Europe, cats were almost on the verge of extinction. Thanks to several cats who hid in the mountains and turned into the “underground”, they continued to fight to catch mice and preserved the revolutionary fire. At that time, the mouse thought, man is so kind that he killed our natural enemies. So a meeting was held to call on everyone to visit more people. It doesn’t matter whether they take things or not. Just bite more cave dragons and steal more food from the cave.


Then, in Fourteenth Century, another terrible plague broke out. The cost of death taught Europeans how important health is. When you go abroad and see the health awareness of Europeans, you should know the price they have paid.


Wise men come not from lessons, but from the lessons of others. Are we smart people? I don’t think so. We may also have a bloody lesson! Through the ages, why do we always regard human brothers or human friends as our enemies and ignore the real enemies? When you see the dirty air and environment, do you think of yourself as a fish living in sewage? Human beings are different from fish. Fish can’t change their environment by themselves, but people can. People can not only change their environment, but also change their destiny.

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