“This August is worse than last year”. The epidemic has exposed the shortcomings of the U.S. medical system

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According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia reported in August 26th, more than 100 thousand people in the United States were hospitalized for new crown pneumonia, according to the HHS data in August 25th. This figure is even worse than that of August last year.


Sitting on the world-class medical resources and medical level, the United States handed over such a “failed” epidemic prevention and control answer, which shocked the international community. In fact, it is no accident that the American medical system dominated by capital failed in the epidemic. As John geiman, Honorary Professor of family medicine at the University of Washington School of medicine, wrote in the journal international health service in January 2021, “the epidemic only exposed the long-term systemic problems of American medical care, including uncontrolled prices Widespread inequality and marginalization of public health. ”


The average number of new cases per day is 13 times higher than that nine weeks ago


According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, more than 100 thousand people in the United States have been hospitalized since January, reaching the highest level since 26. Data from Johns Hopkins University show that the average daily number of new cases in the United States has reached 152400 in the past week, 13 times that of nine weeks ago.


The uneven epidemic curve has frustrated American health experts. Paul offett, a member of the Vaccine Advisory Committee of the U.S. Food and drug administration, told reporters that not only the data in the same period are much more serious than last year, but the failure of protective measures makes the situation more pessimistic. “Last August, we had susceptible people and we didn’t have a vaccine,” he said. Now, we have vaccinated half of the people in the country, and many people have been naturally infected once, which has a protective effect. But even so, the numbers are worse… The delta variant has a huge change in the status quo. ”


Children’s infection cases have surged in some parts of the United States. On the 25th, it was reported that the number of children hospitalized in Texas due to the new crown reached an all-time high, and their condition was even worse. Houston hospital pediatrician Jim visalovich said, “we have seen more infants with infection symptoms and hospitalized because of the new crown.” Novel coronavirus pneumonia, John Bell Edwards, governor of Louisiana, said in an interview 25 days ago that 1 children under 1 died of new crown pneumonia, the youngest child death in 6 months.


American medical staff are overwhelmed


With the increase in novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States, the burden of the surge in the number of Americans with poor medical resources is unbearable. Dr. David scolas, acting health minister of New Mexico, said in an interview on the 26th, “the capacity of our hospital exceeds 100%. These beds were full before we made case data statistics.”


The surge in novel coronavirus pneumonia also novel coronavirus pneumonia. Florida oncologist nitesh paryani said in an interview on the 26th, “I have to refuse a cancer patient who needs emergency treatment… Although he has been waiting in the emergency room for nearly 12 hours, we just don’t have a bed and the hospital has no space to treat the patient”.


 new crown pneumonia


Moreover, the excessive medical burden has triggered discontent and protest among American medical staff. Dominic Malden, a doctor who has worked in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts for more than 20 years, said in an interview on July 30, “most of us think we will soon change from hero to zero. Nurses go home crying in the car at night. Even if we want to compensate by staying up late and sacrificing rest time, we can’t keep up with the growth of patients, which is very frustrating.”


According to a report on July 30, on July 13 and 14, about 1400 nurses from the University of Southern California Keck hospital and the University of Southern California Norris cancer hospital in Los Angeles held a two-day strike due to shortage of staff and medical safety problems; On July 21, thousands of nurses from the National Union of nurses held a one-day parade in hospitals in California and Texas to call attention to the working environment of medical staff during the epidemic.


The U.S. medical system failed under the epidemic


In January 2021, John geiman, an honorary professor of family medicine at the school of medicine of the University of Washington, wrote an article in the Journal of international health services, asking, “the United States has only 4% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s newly diagnosed cases. The death toll is huge and uncontrollable. How can this happen in a country that claims to have a strong medical education system and medical service research?”


It is not uncommon for the US medical system to fail under the guidance of capital. In the epidemic, the large medical capital of the United States made a lot of money by virtue of the epidemic, but the bottom people of the United States suffered deeply because they were unable to pay high treatment costs. John geiman believes that the market-based privatized medical system has been unable to effectively respond to the epidemic, and private medical institutions are making huge profits by relying on vulnerable Americans.


At the same time, the construction of public health infrastructure in the United States has lagged behind for a long time in recent years. The public health departments of American States have been under funded for a long time, and the public health funds at the federal level have also been greatly reduced. The “years of neglect” of American medical public infrastructure makes it more weak in the face of delta mutant strain, which directly leads to the backwardness of epidemic detection ability, medical record tracking ability, treatment arrangement ability and low efficiency of epidemic resistance of American health department.


According to politico, a US political website, on August 25, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention can only make major decisions based on “outdated and unreliable” data. Although 49 states regularly submit data on patients with breakthrough infection to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, these data do not accurately reflect the admission status and vaccination records of patients. It is understood that although the Centers for Disease Control and prevention has allocated funds to help states solve the problem of data statistics, federal and state officials said, “it will take years for the United States to rebuild public health infrastructure.”


Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a professor at MIT, said in April 5th at MIT’s April 5th Symposium on “what problems and changes in the US health care system” were reflected in the new era of “pneumonia in the new crown”. “I learned from the East Asian countries that the successful experience in dealing with the epidemic measures is, Centralized and coordinated health systems are better able to manage population health, especially during pandemics. “

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