What are the eight symptoms of delta virus infection?

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Recently, I believe you have known about Delta virus. It is a variant of COVID-19. Far stronger than the original COVID-19, what are the eight symptoms of the eight symptoms of the Delta virus? Is delta virus as infectious as chickenpox?


1、 What are the symptoms of delta virus infection?


Delta symptom 1: mild runny nose.


After being infected with delta virus, some people will have symptoms similar to common cold and runny nose. If it is simply a runny nose, it basically does not support New Coronavirus infection.


Delta symptom 2: sore throat.


If there is contact or overlap with people infected with delta virus, when there is a sore throat, it may be viral infection, which must be paid great attention to.


Delta symptom 3: physical pain.


One of the symptoms of general pain after suffering from delta virus, but general pain is not necessarily an infection. General influenza or common cold can cause systemic pain, which is caused by a variety of diseases. The symptoms of general pain include: no exercise at ordinary times, sudden vigorous exercise, etc.


What are the symptoms of delta virus infection


Delta symptom 4: physical weakness.


Systemic weakness after detoxification is a common symptom, so patients will feel weak. If there are other symptoms at the same time, they should be checked to the hospital in time to make sure that they are infected with COVID-19.


Delta symptom 5: loss of smell.


Delta virus infection will affect intranasal neurons and cause olfactory loss. Previously, researchers have found that covid-19 can lead to loss of smell. They suspect that the virus has an impact on odor neurons in the nose and transmits signals to the olfactory bulb in the brain, resulting in loss of smell and taste.


Delta symptom 6: some degree of diarrhea.


According to local cases in Nanjing and Zhengzhou, the case of Zhengzhou showed diarrhea in some of the confirmed cases, which was never seen in primitive COVID-19.


Delta symptom 7: sleepy.


Among the patients infected with delta strain, a few patients were sleepy. I went to bed early at night, but I still wanted to sleep the next day.


Delta symptom 8: conjunctivitis.


According to delta virus infected people, a few people have symptoms of conjunctivitis, which may be caused by infection with pathogenic microorganisms.


2、 Is it true that delta virus is more infectious than chickenpox?


you ‘re right. On July 29, the Washington Post disclosed an internal document of the CDC of the United States, which reported that the delta variant virus seemed to be more serious than the disease caused by the early variant, and it was as easy to spread as chickenpox. Officials had to admit that the war had changed. On the same day, roshelwallsky, head of the U.S. CDC, acknowledged the authenticity of the document to CNN and said that delta mutant is one of the most infectious viruses known, equivalent to measles and chickenpox.


The eight symptoms mainly include mild runny nose, sore throat, physical pain, physical fatigue, loss of smell, diarrhea, drowsiness, conjunctivitis, etc. And delta is more infectious than shoulder varicella, so you must pay attention to personal protection.

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