What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

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The symptoms of early pregnancy vary and are related to each person’s constitution. To better control the abnormal symptoms of early pregnancy, you need to develop good habits and strengthen your health care measures, which will help to avoid unnecessary injuries during pregnancy.


What are the symptoms of early pregnancy


Pregnancy sign 1: Menopause


Perhaps the most obvious sign of pregnancy is: menopause. This symptom causes women to notice more symptoms of pregnancy. Some women may experience only a few symptoms that manifest more weakly than usual. They may not notice any of the symptoms described below until they notice menopause.


Pregnancy sign 2: Just feeling “pregnant”


This symptom may be the reason you are visiting this page right now. Many women believe they have the ability to predict pregnancy. And their intuition is often right.


Perhaps you are just feeling abnormal: tired, emotional, often nauseous, dizzy. You may also have stomach pains, constipation, or perhaps, you find yourself going to the bathroom more often. Perhaps, you feel pain or stiffness in your lower back. Perhaps, you also feel breast pain, or hypersensitivity in your breasts, or maybe, you just feel very different from your usual self.


Pregnancy sign 3: Breasts become sensitive


symptoms of early pregnancy


One of the telltale signs of pregnancy is that your breasts start to become sensitive, swollen and sore for no apparent reason. You may feel a difference in your breasts while finding a comfortable sleeping position to sleep in, while exercising or taking a shower, or while getting dressed.


When you are pregnant, your body begins to produce milk and prepare for breast milk. Hormones start to increase. In addition, the RF becomes sensitive and swollen, and the nipples feel sore and become unusually sensitive. Some women will notice that their nipples will become darker.


Breasts play a very important role when breastfeeding. Therefore, during pregnancy, the breasts become sensitive and swollen. This is also a very obvious symptom of pregnancy.


Pregnancy sign 4: Fatigue


One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is: fatigue. You may go to bed earlier, but find it more difficult to get up in the morning. If you have work to do, as soon as you reach ten minutes past noon, you feel that you need to find a place to lie down and take a break. Exercise becomes high exertion. Simple activities such as shopping can make you feel very tired and even light-headed. All these symptoms stem from the increase of hormones in your body.


If, however, you know you are pregnant, take a 15 to 30 minute nap when you need it. Tell your family, friends and co-workers that you do need these breaks. And ask them for help in setting your personal rest schedule.


Pregnancy sign 5: Increased frequency of bathroom visits


One of the signs that others will notice you are pregnant is that you are “visiting” the bathroom more often. Your family or friends will tell you that you are going to the bathroom more often than you used to. The reason for this is that the expanding zg puts pressure on the bladder.


Also, pregnancy causes the kidneys and bladder to produce more fluid. This causes you to go to the bathroom more often. And, I’m sorry to tell you: this symptom will continue to present itself for the next 9 months.


Early symptoms of pregnancy 6: vomiting


One of the symptoms of pregnancy is: vomiting and boredom. This may come as a surprise to those of you who are completely unprepared for it. This symptom may appear in the first week of pregnancy. Many women vomit in the morning when they drink coffee and eat breakfast on an empty stomach. This is what people call morning sickness. Some pregnant women will feel vomiting in the afternoon or evening. Others will feel the urge to vomit throughout the day.


Small, frequent meals can reduce this symptom. Some pregnant women find canned sardines and milk helpful in reducing bouts of nausea and boredom. This symptom will start to appear slowly in the first month of pregnancy, and as you enter the sixth month, it will slowly decrease in intensity and the body will slowly adapt to the changes in the body due to pregnancy.


The above is an introduction to what are the symptoms of early pregnancy. Knowing the symptoms during pregnancy and taking good care of them can be of great help in pregnancy care.

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