What is delta virus and how to prevent it?

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What is delta virus? What are the characteristics of delta strain? How to prevent vandelta virus? The current situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia is complex and severe. In the face of the changing epidemic situation, do you understand the knowledge of prevention and control of epidemic situation? From today on, follow alopah to learn!


The delta strain is novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. A novel coronavirus pneumonia case reported in India in September 2020 was first reported in the delta strain. In September 2020, WHO announced that the delta variant should be included in the global variation of the COVID-19 strain. At present, it has been prevalent in more than 130 countries and regions, and has become the main virus strain of the global new crown pandemic.


What is delta virus


Compared with the previous strains, this strain has stronger infectivity and transmission ability, shorter incubation period or passage interval, and has the characteristics of faster transmission speed, higher virus load, rapid replication in vivo and long negative conversion time.


Domestic and foreign scientific research and epidemic prevention and control practice showed that the delta strain did not lead to disruptive changes in the biological characteristics of COVID-19. The source and route of transmission were basically clear. The existing epidemic prevention and control measures are still effective for the delta strain.


The existing vaccines still have good preventive and protective effects, can reduce the risk of virus transmission in the population, reduce the transmission power of infected people, and effectively reduce the incidence and mortality of severe cases after infection. Some time ago, China successfully blocked the local epidemic spread of delta mutant in several densely populated and mobile cities of Guangdong Province for the first time, which proved that vaccination, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distance and avoiding crowd aggregation are effective.

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