3 Easy ways to get hurt during a workout and how to avoid it!

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With the prosperity of society and economy, people’s material life is no longer lacking, and their spiritual life is also developing. In our society, fitness is gradually popular. Most young people will have the experience of sweating in the gym, some for practice, some for keeping healthy, and some because they want to have a slim figure. Many people get injured accidentally in the gym, and it is not enough to get hurt in the gym. Today let’s talk about three common sports injuries:


Lower back muscle damage


It is common to see a group of people doing squats while carrying barbells to train their nuclear energy.


The back is the most important part for all bodybuilders, because as the largest part of the body, the back is covered by multiple muscle groups, which affects the fitness effect of other parts. The lower back is more critical. A stronger lower back means more nuclear power. But sometimes, due to irregularities, this exercise can cause damage to our lower back muscles and even our bones.


If this area is injured, the recovery time is long and painful. If the recovery is poor, the head may not be bowed for a long time.


Knee injury


Knee cap injuries usually occur when we run. Overweight people often go to the gym to lose weight, but a better way to lose weight is to run for long periods of time.




I think everyone has that experience. After a long walk, you will not only feel thigh muscle pain, but also feel swelling or pain in the knee, but you will recover by rest. This is an early knee injury. The early problems are not serious and usually manifest as inflammation of the patellofemoral joint, which can be recovered with rest.


However, if we are not careful, the worsening of inflammation can lead to osteoporosis and meniscus damage. This can lead to deformed knees and a lot of damage to the body, especially muscle necrosis.


Shoulder tissue contusion


Our shoulders can be injured in the process of fitness. When we do some movements that require our shoulders to be forced, we can get shoulder injuries for various reasons. Shoulder injuries are a very common type of injury in fitness, which usually means that the risk of injury is not too high compared to the first two types of injury. Just stop pushing, flat lifting, use ice to ease the discomfort, rest for a while, and then rest.


These are the injuries that we often encounter in sports. Some problems are not too serious, but if not given enough attention in the early stages of injury, some problems can have a major impact on our lives.


Why fitness great god appears rarely and small white is very common however


First of all, there’s one thing we need to know: You can’t become fat in one bite, and of course, you can’t suddenly lose weight. Fitness is a long-term exercise. There is no quick fix. Therefore, we should pay attention to “two moderate principles” : moderate principle of exercise and moderate principle of weight.


In exercise, there are often people with large barbell movement, too large weight can make our strength to improve quickly. It can break through our bottleneck and enhance our strength as soon as possible.


However, blindly following a large weight is not advisable, because the practice of heavy equipment is particularly dangerous, once we are exhausted during the exercise and there is no one around, it is likely that danger will appear. So if you are training in the gym, you must follow the principle of moderate weight.


Second, correct posture is also important when working out at the gym. If we use the right posture during training, we can train the right muscle groups, which means our training results will be better.


Because fitness focuses on isolating muscles, the wrong posture often means that we’re not doing a good job of isolating our muscles, and as a result, we get twice the result with half the effort. At the same time, proper posture can effectively reduce our risk of injury.


Through the introduction of this article, I think you need to have a new understanding of fitness. In the future, you should be able to train in the right way to reduce the risk of injury during fitness, of course, if there are some things you don’t know about fitness, you can hire a trainer so that you can quickly get through the initial stages of fitness.

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