3 fruits you can’t eat to lose weight, you can eat more of these 3 fruits!

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During weight loss, many people will choose fruit meal replacement, which can reduce calorie intake, without exercise can also let the body slowly thin down. However, the simple fruit replacement meal, refuse other food method is not desirable, will only let you lose weight in the end.


You should know: the nutrient composition of fruit is relatively single, can not supplement the body needed fat, protein, carbohydrates, body metabolic power is insufficient, qi and blood become poor, the face gradually becomes pale, the body has no strength, but also let the body decompose muscles, let the body metabolism level drop, easy to fat constitution to visit you.


Scientific reduce fat meal principle, want to achieve nutrition diversification, cannot onefold diet. When we eat a diet to lose weight, we can eat some fruit before each meal to improve the feeling of satiety, and control the amount of food we eat instead of skipping three meals altogether.


In addition, eating fruit should also pay attention to the time point, fruit can be eaten before meals, not after meals. Rice eat fruit to be able to let you take in redundant sugar or quantity of heat, hold up big intestines and stomach, go against reduce weight!


So, what fruits should dieters eat? Many fruits are low in calories and can also fill your stomach, allowing you to control your calorie intake. However, different fruits have different calories. If you eat the wrong fruit, you may lose weight and gain weight.


Say a few kinds of fruit that go against reducing weight below, hope you can avoid!


1, durian, 147 calories /100 grams, more calories than rice, carbohydrate content of up to 83%, very easy to get fat, this fruit is not suitable for people to lose weight to eat oh!


2, bananas, 82 calories /100 grams, the content of carbohydrates up to 93%, bananas are the favorite fitness people. However, the weight loss crowd should pay attention to the banana is high carbohydrate food, not excessive intake, or easy to grow fat oh! When you want to eat bananas, you need to reduce the intake of staple food and control the intake of carbohydrates.


3, lychee, 70 calories /100 grams, carbohydrate content as high as 93%, is also a high sugar fruit, but also less than the fire, weight loss people to eat.


lose weight


Several fruits you can eat to lose weight, are you eating right?


1, apple, apple is a fat shaving fruit weight loss, low calories, satiety is good, 100g of apple calories is 52 calories, eat a fruit before meals, meal intake will be reduced.


2, grapefruit, which is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, carotene, in the true fat buster, can accelerate the breakdown of fat. At 41 calories per 100g, you can add grapefruit to your reduced-fat meal.


3, strawberry, strawberry calories are not high, 100 grams of strawberry calories is 32 calories, strawberries contain a lot of pectin and dietary fiber, can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve constipation, inhibit fat accumulation.


During weight loss, add three kinds of fruits to the fat reduction meal, and control the daily calorie intake by 25-30% to ensure that it is lower than the body’s total metabolic value.


At the same time, you can strengthen exercise, improve the body’s heat output, so you can give the body enough heat gap, your figure will slowly thin down!

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