A week of lemon reducing weight method is thin 20 catties, the correct bubble method of lemon water

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Lemon has whitening effect to still be able to help to lose weight not only thin body, lemon weight loss method is common in lemon juice, lemon water, below these lemon weight loss method can help you lose weight quickly in short time, might as well try!


Lemon vinegar


Lemon vinegar condensed the essence reducing weight of lemon and vinegar, it is ok to drink on a small cup after the meal, do not suggest commonly empty drink, because can hurt the stomach, when drinking had better add a little water to dilute drink again, lemon vinegar has effect reducing weight not only still can raise a face hairdressing.


Freshly squeezed lemon juice


Put lemon in squeeze juice machine fresh squeeze lemon, squeeze the lemon water that comes out to have effect reducing weight not only still contain rich vitamin, already can embellish bowel bowel bowel still can beauty white oh.


A glass of lemonade in the morning


Drink a cup of diluted lemon water when you get up in the morning, can play a good role in urging defecation, help to solve constipation distress, long-term adherence can also lose weight and whiten the skin oh.


Three glasses of lemonade a day


Drink at least three glasses of lemon water a day. You don’t need to be on a special diet, but you must drink enough lemon water to lose weight.


 Lemon vinegar


The correct way to soak lemonade


1,Fresh lemon juice:


Fresh lemon water content is rich, can use hand or vessel backlog to give juice, mix with mineral water and add right amount of sugar. First lemon water besides having effect reducing weight, its rich vitamin has very strong antioxidative action, to white and fight senescence very effective also.


2,Slice fresh lemon:


Soak in warm or cool water, fresh lemon peel has the effect of reducing weight, detoxification and fire.


3,Dried lemon slices:


The dry lemon slice that the supermarket buys uses hot water to make bubble, the taste that uses hot water to make bubble dry lemon slice is more faint scent, also have very strong curative effect reducing weight. And this method is easy to carry, suitable for drinking before and after meals.




About 60% of people said that lemon peel must go, the reason is that the oil in the lemon peel can cause dark spots, so remember to peel the juice or soak water. Lemon is sensitive, lemon honey water suits the person who works in the office or at home especially for a long time to drink, drink in the evening also ok, often in the outdoor words to avoid, additional, do not make lemon face film during the day to meet spot.


40% of people say can not peel, slice directly next bubble honey, can put directly, also can use honey to pickle for a week or so to drink every day, the method is a lemon a layer of honey.


So for the sake of insurance, it is best to use warm water after peeling lemon, between 70 and 80, after bubble is good, can put cold add ice.


Lemon water weight loss principle introduction


Lemon water has the effect of greasy solution, can make the body self-purification, remove excess fat, eliminate a variety of organs in the body waste and toxins, and also can purify blood, improve blood quality, promote metabolism. At the same time, it can also clean and repair the digestive and absorption system, and enhance the digestive capacity of the human body. It usually takes five to seven days for the body to complete its self-purification process.


Lemon is easy to preserve, and contains rich vitamin C, can prevent gingival bleeding, and still can reduce the incidence of freckles, dark spots, has certain whitening effect. Lemon peel is rich in calcium, health care effect is also very good. So, lemon juice weight loss and health care effect is better.

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