Autumn health first lung? 4 tips to keep your lungs to help you pass the fall safely

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Autumn dryness is easy to cause human discomfort, such as skin problems, but also easy to cough. In autumn, pay special attention to lung problems, autumn is a high incidence of respiratory infections, so take good care of the lung. Especially for the elderly and children, autumn lung care is more important. The lungs are susceptible to inflammation when they are invaded by cold air or bacteria. So autumn lung need to do, what are the methods? Let’s find out.


How does autumn keep lung need to do, what methods are there?


Watch your diet


Usually eat more can prevent dry, moist lung food, such as lilies, yams, but also need to supplement water, so to eat more water content of food, such as pears, grapes, etc. If a man of pixu (spleen deficient), pay special attention to when a lung, nourishing lung, prevent dry food mostly cool sex, in order to avoid other problems, you can eat after heating, such as pear fruit, can make rock candy snow pear soup to drink, easy to digest, and nourishing lung, spleen and stomach without harm.


Autumn health


Drink plenty of water


Autumn dry climate, will lead to a large number of human body water shortage, and too much water shortage, is likely to lead to the dryness of the invasion of the situation, so to ensure that the water supplement every day is sufficient, autumn water every day at least than other seasons in the daily drinking water volume more than 400 ml, so as to meet the body’s demand for water.


Exercise more


Autumn lung also includes exercise, do more chest expansion exercise on weekdays, achieve the effect of dredge of lung meridians, relax the muscles around the lung and promote blood circulation, but also promote the exchange of lung gas. At least 20 minutes a day to achieve good cardiopulmonary effect. No matter when you can also do more deep breathing, deep breathing can relax the mood, but also has a certain effect of raising the lung.




You can massage both sides of the nose at home every day, that is, Yingxiang point. The number of times of massage every day can not be too much, about 50 times can be done. Insist on doing this massage. But to pay special attention to the massage technique, it is best to start after consulting a professional.


Autumn climate will affect the health of the body, so autumn lung to start from the above points, the lung is very delicate, improper protection is vulnerable to damage, so we must pay attention to. As said above, during the lung to pay attention to diet, more water, more exercise and appropriate massage, these several methods together, adhere to do it every day, can achieve good lung effect.

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