Autumn health tips, these six points should be borne in mind

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Nowadays, people’s awareness of health preservation is getting stronger and stronger. Now it’s time to change seasons. Some common sense of health preservation should also be learned. What are the common sense of health preservation in autumn? Pregnant women can also eat some health preserving recipes in autumn, which is also good for the growth and development of the fetus. Some foods are very good for health preservation in autumn. What health preservation to eat in autumn?


Autumn health tips

1,The climate is dry, and the diet should nourish yin and moisten the lung


As we all know, autumn is a relatively dry season, and the human body is also lack of water, so many people will have dry skin, sore throat and other symptoms in autumn. But this is also a good time to moisten the lungs. The diet in autumn should mainly nourish yin and moisten the lungs. Therefore, you can eat more sesame, walnut, carrot and other foods, which is good for nourishing yin and moistening lung. Eat less spicy food such as ginger, garlic and scallion. You can eat more sesame, walnut, carrot and so on.


2,Lung qi is prosperous, so it is advisable to eat a sour diet

Autumn is the season for eating sour. Acid belongs to wood, autumn belongs to gold, and Jinke wood, in fact, it means that the lung qi is prosperous in autumn, which may cut down the liver wood, and the sour taste into the liver is the positive taste of the liver. At this time, the sour taste should be used to nourish the liver. Therefore, autumn is the season of lack of wood. You can eat more sour things. Such as apple, pomegranate, grape, mango, cherry, grapefruit, lemon, hawthorn, tomato, etc., can astringe lung qi.


Autumn health tips


3,Prevent autumn dryness and replenish more water

For health preservation in autumn, we should pay attention to replenishing water in time, so as to prevent the symptoms of rough skin, wrinkled skin and pruritus caused by dry climate in autumn. Generally, drink more than 500ml of water every day in autumn than in other seasons to maintain the normal humidity of lungs and respiratory tract. Water can also be “ingested” into the respiratory tract indirectly by pouring warm water into the cup and inhaling it through the nose at the mouth of the cup for 10 minutes each time, 2 ~ 3 times a day.


4,To prevent pharyngitis, the temperature and humidity should be appropriate

Dry weather is a major cause of pharyngitis, so it is very important to ensure the freshness and humidity of indoor air. Room air drying, supercooling and overheating can affect the defense function of pharyngeal mucosa, resulting in dysfunction, pharyngeal sensory abnormalities, and chronic pharyngitis over time. In autumn, it is comfortable to keep the room temperature at about 20 ℃. We often say “warm as spring”, that is, the average temperature is about 20 ℃, which is suitable for the human body.


5,Dry skin, bath with less fat soap

Due to the dry climate in autumn, the skin is easy to lack water and cause itching symptoms. In particular, some elderly people can see scratches and blood scabs when scratching because their sebaceous gland secretion is too low and their skin is dry. Ordinary people should drink more water in autumn. People with dry skin should not take a bath for too long, the water temperature should not be too high, and the interval should not be too close. Try to avoid taking a bath, and try not to use degreasing soap and medicinal soap. After bathing, you should use moisturizing lotion to moisturize the skin.


6,Sleepy in spring and tired in autumn, sleep should be guaranteed

When autumn comes, the climate becomes cooler and cooler. At this time, the body will have an unspeakable sense of fatigue, which is what we often call autumn fatigue. When people are tired, sleep is a good way to relieve fatigue. Therefore, we should keep enough sleep every day, sleep a little more than usual, and form the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Conditional friends can also develop the habit of taking a nap, especially the elderly, which is very good for alleviating autumn fatigue.

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