Coffee diet: can coffee lose weight?

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Coffee diet guidelines

Add chaos when you’re nervous

Caffeine helps to improve alertness, sensitivity, memory and concentration. However, drinking more coffee than you are used to drinking will produce similar stimulants in the same dose and cause nervousness. For people prone to anxiety disorders, caffeine can worsen symptoms such as sweaty palms, palpitations and tinnitus.


Aggravate hypertension

Because of its analgesic effect, caffeine is often combined with other simple painkillers. However, if you take it in large quantities for a long time, if you already have high blood pressure, using a large amount of caffeine will only make your situation more serious. Because caffeine alone can increase blood pressure, if coupled with emotional tension, it will have a dangerous multiplication effect.


Coffee diet guidelines


Therefore, people at risk of hypertension should especially avoid drinking caffeinated drinks when they are under high work pressure. Some people who drink coffee all year round think they are immune to the effect of caffeine, but this is not the case. A study shows that after drinking a cup of coffee, blood pressure can rise for up to 12 hours.


Induced osteoporosis

Caffeine itself has a good diuretic effect. If you drink a lot of coffee for a long time, it is easy to cause bone loss, which will have an adverse impact on the preservation of bone mass. For women, it may increase the threat of osteoporosis. But the premise is that people who lack adequate calcium in their usual food, or who don’t move often, and women after menopause lose calcium due to lack of estrogen. These conditions, coupled with a large amount of caffeine, may pose a threat to bone. If you can enjoy it in a reasonable amount, you can still stop eating because of choking.


Coffee weight loss taboo

Patients with liver disease

Caffeine will prolong the metabolism of caffeine in the body. Generally, normal adults need 2 hours for caffeine metabolism, but for patients with liver disease or liver dysfunction, caffeine metabolism may take 4-5 hours. Therefore, patients with liver disease must be careful when drinking coffee. It is best not to drink it after the evening, so as not to affect sleep due to long metabolism time, and it is best not to exceed 1 cup a day.


Patients with digestive system diseases

I believe that people who often suffer from stomach pain and stomach diseases have an experience that doctors will tell them not to eat irritant foods, including wine, pepper, coffee, tea and carbonated drinks.


The reason why coffee is listed is that the tannic acid in it will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. If it is a patient in the acute stage of detoxification disease, it must be avoided. After recovery, if you drink coffee occasionally, it’s best to use it after dinner and avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

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