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Everyone wants a healthy body, but we can’t pay attention to health preservation only when we are sick, and pay attention to problems only when we find problems. Start from everyday life bit by bit, love your family and yourself. Today, alopah has sorted out some health care tips for you, which can be used as a reference for health care at ordinary times.


What about sooner or later?Daily health tips:

1,Get up early and have a glass of water

The first thing to do in the morning is to drink cold boiled water. The stomach qi is weakest in the morning. Therefore, you drink cold water to stimulate stomach qi. This is health first. In other words, when people just wake up, their stomach qi is the weakest and they can’t eat yet; Can only drink cold boiled water to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, making the hypothalamus hungry.


Personally, I think warm boiled water is better. Even if cold boiled water is very good, it can’t be taken up. Some health preservation teachers say that they can adjust themselves by getting up early and drinking white vinegar water, honey water, Panax notoginseng water, etc.


2,Massage the testicles in the morning and evening

Massage therapy is a major feature of traditional Chinese medicine. It can dredge the meridians, tonify the kidney and help Yang. Through massage and nourishing the essence of specific parts of testis, it can achieve the purpose of treating rational dysfunction. One of the methods is to develop the habit of directly massaging the scrotum with your hands. If you massage regularly, the testicle will improve blood circulation. As fresh blood can be constantly supplied to the testis, it will certainly enhance the ability of testicular metabolizing androgen and improve sexual function. However, this method must be guided by teachers, operated correctly and adhered to for a long time. Jade pear technique, iron crotch skill and pear gymnastics are all treatments for testicles. Of course, the effect of restoring sexual function will be better with the special sperm machine for treating testicles.


Notes on diet:

1,Don’t be stiff when you are hungry

Do not postpone eating time casually, otherwise it may cause gastrointestinal contraction, abdominal pain, severe hypoglycemia, weak hands and feet, shaking, dizziness, even coma and shock. Frequent starvation without eating is easy to cause ulcers, gastritis, indigestion and other diseases.


2,A bowl of soup before dinner

After lunch, you should first drink Baoyuan soup boiled with pig feet, and then eat coarse grain and small dishes. Drink Baoyuan soup at noon and don’t eat meat. Tonic and avoid meat poison. They also eat coarse vegetables to wrap intestinal poison. It is called seven full. This is the second of health preservation.


health tips


3,Take a nap after dinner

Take a walk for half an hour after lunch, and then take a nap. Take a nap after dinner. To nourish the spirit. This is the third of health preservation. Nap is very important because lunch is the most important time of the day to supplement nutrition. When taking a nap, it reduces the blood supply to other parts; Make the gastrointestinal tract get sufficient blood supply to fully absorb food. But the nap time should not be too long. An hour is enough.


4,A glass of juice in the afternoon

Drink juice after nap. It’s time to supplement vitamins. Drink juice after a nap. To nourish the blood. This is the fourth of health preservation. Don’t try to buy juice to drink, but squeeze the fruit yourself. The safest and best fruit juice is squeezed from pears and apples. Why drink juice? To add a lot of vitamins! Isn’t it better to eat fruit? Yes, if you can eat 3-5 kilograms of fruit every day, of course.


Notes on sports and daily life:

1,Move in the afternoon

I’m going to do fitness in the afternoon. 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.. Move and sweat. Shout for joy. This is the fifth part of health preservation. ” At about 16 p.m. every day, the metabolic rate of the human body is the highest. At this time, exercise is not easy to get hurt. Some people think that physical activity is called physical exercise. Wrong! No matter what kind of exercise you take, you must sweat all over your body. Only in this way can you strengthen your body.


2,Don’t be hard on your daily life

Whenever you feel dizzy and want to sleep at night, don’t hold on. Don’t use strong coffee and tea to stimulate your nerves, so as to avoid neurasthenia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc.


3,Don’t take a hot bath before going to bed

Too high body temperature will also inhibit the secretion of melatonin in the brain and affect your sleep quality. Therefore, it is never wise to take a hot bath before going to bed. The smart way is to bathe 90 minutes before going to bed, so that when you go to bed, your body temperature just drops to the most suitable temperature for sleep. If you have to take a bath before going to bed, apply cold water on your forehead at the end, which also helps to reduce your body temperature rapidly.


Alopah mentioned above are all relatively basic things. Many friends may notice some points, but others may not know much. For example, many friends like to take a bath before going to bed. This is not a big problem, but we also need to pay attention to healthy health preservation from morning to night.

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