Diet is a good way to nourish your stomach. 5 foods that nourish your stomach

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Stomach disease has become a very high incidence, and as a common disease. The stomach is a very important storage and digestive organ in the body and plays an inestimable role in the daily diet. Nourishing the stomach is what we need to do to prevent disease, and it is the same with nourishing the stomach.


If you don’t eat regularly, stay up late or have a healthy eating habit, your stomach and intestines will be greatly affected, leading to related diseases. Most people think that nourishing the stomach is something to do when you are sick. In fact, it is not. People should pay attention to it before you are sick, so as to prevent the occurrence of stomach diseases. Notice to raise a stomach at ordinary times, the following 5 kinds of food can reference edible.


Pumpkin,pumpkin is warm, sweet, into the spleen and stomach meridian, with tonifying qi, anti-inflammatory bactericidal or analgesic function. Eating pumpkin regularly can maintain the spleen and stomach and promote digestion. Vitamin A in pumpkin can protect gastrointestinal mucosa, prevent gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases.


Carrots, rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A, have the effect of brightening the eyes, nourishing the mind and strengthening resistance. For gastritis or stomach discomfort, you can drink a cup of radish juice every morning and evening, which has the effect of moistening the stomach.


Cabbage,called one of the best vegetables by the World Health Organization, is also a natural stomach vegetable. It contains vitamin K1 and vitamin U, has the ability to repair gastric mucosa and prevent gastric ulcer symptoms. For those with stomach or duodenal ulcers, drinking a cup of cabbage and broccoli juice a day can repair the ulcer.


Spinach, it is the most common vegetable, spinach can promote the secretion of the stomach and pancreas, enhance appetite, help digestion, promote intestinal peristalsis, promote defecation, but also has the effect of moistening dryness and nourishing the liver, but avoid with tofu or seaweed.


Sweet potato, can nourish the stomach, have the effect of invigorating the spleen and qi, can often lose weight. Because the starch content is relatively high, it will be converted to glucose after consumption, so it is not suitable for diabetics. Wash the sweet potato, peel, cut into small pieces, add japonica rice cooked into porridge.


Stomach disease


Food therapy has certain benefits for nourishing the stomach. Pay attention to the following 5 items to protect the health of the gastrointestinal tract.


1.Develop good eating habits, eat less and more, and avoid overeating.


2.People with a bad stomach eat more soft food.


3 try not to eat barbecue or fried, spicy and other excitant food. not drink coffee or strong tea and other drinks that are more irritating to the stomach mucosa.


5.People with cold stomachs eat warm food, such as mutton, dog meat, wolfberry and so on.


In a word, no matter how much food to eat to nourish Yin nourishing the stomach, is inseparable from the daily exercise, appropriate exercise on spleen and stomach have certain help, but also conducive to digestion and absorption of food, for their own health protect intestines and stomach, usually must pay attention to diet, try not to eat the excitant food, if you are diagnosed with stomach trouble, more should pay attention to the life and the diet care, Prevent stomach disease aggravation.

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