Do more leg lifts and side lifts before bed, and pay attention to protein supplementation during fitness

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Girls are always very concerned about their health. Big arms, big legs are something that many people worry about. Because of the strong limbs, it affects the appearance of a person. So many people will actively try to lose weight. So what do you need to pay attention to when you have thin arms and legs?


How do girls slim arms? During your workout, look for protein girls thin arms


If you are not a professional athlete or fitness person, the average calf muscle is very strong, which can make your whole leg line ugly and thick. So a lot of people want to stab their calves after they have muscles in their calves. So do you know what exercise to do before you go to bed? Eight moves before you go to sleep can hurt your calves. Let’s go and have a look!


2.Pay attention to nutrition during fitness


If you eat the same diet as usual during muscle training, your body may not be able to absorb enough energy and nutrients, and your muscles will not be strong. During muscle growth, the body burns more calories than it does in daily life, and muscles need more amino acids to grow. Therefore, we need to increase our calorie intake by around 10-15% during the workout period. At the same time, our daily protein intake should reach 1.5-2g per kilogram of body weight. Can be divided into many meals many times intake, can improve the absorption rate of food.


The following misunderstandings can occur during the fitness period, resulting in a decrease in fitness efficiency


1.Don’t change your fitness plan for a long time


The plan to build muscle is not set in stone, but needs to be adjusted on a regular basis. In particular, the weight bearing level also needs to be measured regularly and gradually improved, rather than letting the body fall into the comfort zone, leading to a bottleneck in muscle development.


You’ll need to optimize your fitness plan after a month or two, when your muscles have grown and adapted to your intensity, making it difficult to continue breaking through. At this time, it is necessary to change the action appropriately, shorten the interval of rest, improve the weight level, give the muscle deeper stimulation, so that the muscle continues to develop.


2.During fitness, you need to measure your strength


The optimal weight for improving muscle size is 8 to 15 RM, which means that the optimal muscle weight is the body weight that is exhausted after completing a certain movement and repeating it 8 to 15 times. As your muscles grow, your weight level will gradually increase. Therefore, you need to retest your RM weight every month to match the new weight level to improve your muscle growth efficiency.


3.Get enough sleep


Muscle growth repair is mainly performed at rest. Lack of sleep affects muscle growth efficiency. Only regular work and rest every day, sleep 7-8 hours, improve the quality of sleep, in order to improve the efficiency of muscle growth, muscle growth speed.




Do more high leg lifts before bed, and keep your upper body stable while lying on your side


1.Leg lifts


Get up ten minutes early every morning and do leg lifts in the dormitory. One minute for each set. Finish one set, take a break, then practice the next set. There were five repetitions. The high leg lift is the most common and effective leg weight loss exercise, can fully exercise the thigh muscles, promote leg fat burning. Remember to do this every day. You don’t see the effect of three days of fishing and two days of drying nets.




Clench your hands and massage in a circular motion from the bottom to the top of your ankle until you reach the muscles around your Achilles tendon. Then move your hands to your calves, make the gesture of touching your fist, and massage from the bottom up. If the muscles are stiff, rub them with your fingers. Fold a towel behind your knees and have a towel ready. Squeeze your hands together and massage in a circular motion along your kneecap.


3.Leg lift in standing position


Stand with your hands on your hips and lift your legs out about 60 degrees. When you fall, your feet will not touch the ground. 3 sets of 8 skinny legs in your moments 8-12 times a day. It’s so easy to grow big, long legs in no time!


4.Pedal your bike


Lie on your back and lift your legs. Pedal your bike in the air to maintain a steady rhythm. 3 sets per day, 8-12 times per set.


5.Lunge on one side


Stand on one leg, take a long step, bend your legs, squat, and move your knee toward your toes, alternating left and right. 3 sets per day, 8-12 times per set.


6.Lie on your side and lift your legs


Lie on your side, lift your right leg, and try to extend it upward. Keep your upper body stable and don’t completely lower your legs when landing. 3 sets per day, 8-12 times per set.


7.Squat and kick


Clench your arms, touch your toes on the ground, and lean forward. Jump your legs forward from your thighs to keep your body steady. 3 sets per day, 8-12 times per set.


8.Duck plank jumping jacks


Bend your arms and lower your body to support the ground. Don’t shrink. Tighten your legs and jump. 3 sets per day, 8-12 times per set.


9.Lift your legs on your back


Lie on your back and lift your legs 40 degrees, then stretch them up and down. 3 sets per day, 8-12 times per set.


In muscle strengthening training, exercise the whole body muscle group every day, and actively plan the fitness method. You can exercise the upper body today and the lower body tomorrow, and pay attention to rest during the exercise. This can give the body sufficient rest time, pay attention to the process of exercise work and rest, improve the efficiency of muscle strengthening.

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