Don’t relax at any time during the fat reduction period. Teach you three bedtime actions to burn fat and sleep safely

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Have many friends who are losing fat or have succeeded experienced failures again and again? We usually like to plan a specific fitness time for ourselves and set a fixed time for fitness every day. In fact, this also has advantages and disadvantages. Fat reduction is to develop a healthy and upward law of life. It should not be regarded as an assignment and work arranged by teachers and leaders to complete the task, and fully integrate the concept of fitness into your daily life, In this way, we can get a healthy and slim body better and more naturally.


1、 Ensure adequate sleep and the fat sneaks away


Before going to bed, I hold my mobile phone, watch one fat reduction video article after another, and fantasize about the day when I succeed. Is it you now? I sincerely suggest that you put down your cell phone before going to bed and develop good sleep habits. People burn fat when they sleep, but they consume little. However, because of less consumption, we will be more energetic when we get up the next day and can better invest in fitness activities. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will be tired and haggard the next day, your body is very empty, and it’s easy to overeat, which is very unfavorable to our way of reducing fat.


2、 You should pay attention to these things and form good habits before going to bed


In special times, everyone stays at home and many people go to bed after eating. This is a very bad habit. It is recommended that you go to bed three hours after dinner. Dinner in the fat reduction period should not be too late as far as possible. It is best to go to bed around 5 p.m. And don’t eat some greasy food. Try to choose light and digestible food as the best. In this way, the metabolism will be smoother the next day. In the long run, it can improve basic metabolism and improve physique. This is also the reason why many people who lose weight can lose weight more easily than you. Different physique requires different efforts.




3、 Here are three groups of bedtime actions for you to burn fat before going to bed and sleep safely


1. Inverted arrow 1


Lift your legs close to the wall, dredge the blood of meridians, promote detoxification and protect joints and spine.


2. Inverted arrow 2


Lie on your stomach, bend your legs 90 degrees close to the wall, keep your insteps straight with your legs, and tilt your hips upward.


3. Inverted arrow 3


Lie flat on your upper body, bend your legs 45 degrees, step on the wall with the soles of your feet, close your legs to the wall, and collect the fat of your pelvis and thighs.


Keep each action for three minutes and do it for ten minutes every day. Maintaining these three actions for a long time is very good for our whole body. It allows you to have a hip and thin back. The most important thing is to improve our sleep quality and let us go to sleep faster. Put down your cell phone before going to bed. It can’t make us lose weight. People with good body are practicing. People with general body are watching. Time waits for no man. When you are playing with your mobile phone, others are already practicing actions. Seize the time and start changing yourself now!

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