Eat oats can reduce weight: supermarket so many kinds of oats, which just reduce weight?

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Oatmeal is a recommended cereal and has been very popular. It is high in protein, high in dietary fiber and it is involved in fitness, weight loss, diabetes and so on. But if you pick the wrong one, watch out for the opposite. So many kinds of oats in the supermarket, really let a person a little confused, want to lose weight and control blood sugar, in the end which is to lose weight?


1.Why are oats recommended for weight loss


Obviously the quantity of heat of oatmeal is very high, why should regard it as food reducing weight? Looking at the calories in our weight loss Calorie search, oatmeal is actually higher in calories than rice. But why recommend it? Because oats are rich in dietary fiber, its dietary fiber content is: 12g/100g, the recommended intake of dietary fiber in Our country is 25g/ day, so it is a good diet.


There’s a magic ingredient in oats: beta-glucan, which is super viscous and slow to digest, so eating it makes you feel fuller. For refined rice and white flour, their digestion speed is very fast, and the blood sugar rises sharply after meals, which can easily promote the formation of triglycerides. So, oatmeal has gradually become a necessary food for us to lose weight.


2.The advantages and disadvantages of oatmeal weight loss


The advantages of oatmeal:


1,Oats contain natural antioxidants, lipase and soluble dietary fiber per 30g;


2,It is a kind of food with high nutrition, containing 15% protein, 9.2% water, 66.9% carbohydrates, and phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other elements, which can supplement energy and protein needed by the human body;


3,You can add your favorite healthy condiments: milk, nuts, fresh fruits, honey, etc. The mellow wheat fragrance is not only lingering in your mouth, but also can feed your stomach and health.


Disadvantages of oatmeal:


1,The less processed the oats, the longer it takes to cook;


2, eat more easily lead to stomach cramps or flatulence;


3, only rely on oatmeal to lose weight is very harmful, if only rely on eating cereal instead of other food, will cause malnutrition, endocrine disorders and other problems;


4, oatmeal weight loss effect time is long, although oatmeal can increase the feeling of satiety to achieve the effect of weight loss, but it also takes a long time to see.


3.Type of oats


Oats on the market can be roughly divided into three categories, based on the difficulty of cooking:


reduce weight


1,Oat rice that needs to be cooked


It is the least processed and most nutritionally intact oatmeal on the market. Oat rice tastes full and is very sticky, which is caused by β -glucan, which has the effect of lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugar, regulating the intestinal tract, and so on. The health effect of oat rice is the largest among these kinds of oats. Oat rice is difficult to cook, use a pressure cooker to cook at least 45 minutes or so, can add rice or other whole grains and beans. In supermarkets selling cereal shelves, it is generally difficult to find the figure of oatmeal rice, can try to sell bulk grain places to find.


2,Oatmeal that needs to be cooked


This type of oatmeal is made from crushed oat grains and is typically divided into conventional oatmeal and quick-cooked oatmeal, which is processed deeper, pressed thinner and has a softer texture. Although it is not as good as oat rice in nutrition, but its protein content is still as high as 12%~15%, and rich in dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients, but also contains a health function of β -glucan. This type of oatmeal cooks better than rice oats. While traditional oatmeal takes about 10 minutes to boil or 3-5 minutes in the microwave, quick-cooked oatmeal takes less time or 1-2 minutes in the microwave at a high temperature. When eating, you can also add milk, soybean milk, dried fruit, eggs, meat, etc.


3,Boiled oats


This is the most common type of oatmeal on the market. It’s more processed than the other two, may be a little less nutritious than boiled oats, looks more crumbly, but you can still see the shape. In addition, on the package, there are usually “ready to eat” or “no cooking” words. This kind of oatmeal does not need to be heated. It is directly added to the hot boiling water above 80℃ for about 5 minutes. Milk, soybean milk, dried fruit, eggs, meat and so on can be added according to personal preferences.


And products that are not entirely oats:


1,Breakfast cereal that can be soaked in cold milk


Most of these products are puffed and taste very crisp. In terms of grain composition, in addition to oats, there are grains such as rice, barley and wheat, so the health effect of oats is relatively low. Nevertheless, it strengthened the nutrient such as vitamin, mineral, and edible convenient, join milk of milk, yoghurt, soybean, soybean milk to wait can edible.


2,Instant “nutritious cereal”


Nutritional cereal does not necessarily take oats as the main grain (even without adding oats), but may also take wheat, rice, corn and other main grains, and add fat powder (creamer), white granulated sugar, maltodextrin, flavor and so on. Nutritious cereal is far less nutritious than pure oatmeal, and its protein content is generally not higher than 5%; More sugar, higher glycemic index, less satiety; Excessive trans fatty acids may cause abnormal metabolism of blood lipids, increase “bad cholesterol” and reduce “good cholesterol”, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and may also increase the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.


How to tell if it’s pure oatmeal:


To determine whether it is pure oatmeal, first look at the ingredients (list), whether there is only the words “oatmeal” or “oatmeal” or “100% pure oatmeal”, if so, it is pure oatmeal; If you look at the nutrition facts, pure oatmeal typically has more than 12 percent protein; In addition, pure oatmeal packaging is relatively simple, generally not very attractive, of course, not always. In addition, when selecting oatmeal, similar products should try to choose higher protein, B vitamins and so on; The closer the production date, the better, organic, green is better, whether to import depends on personal preference.


4.How should people who are losing weight choose oatmeal


1, convenient cooking, recommended first need to cook oats rice or oatmeal;


2,People who are not convenient to cook (such as students, busy office workers), as well as those who suffer from indigestion, are advised to choose boiled oatmeal (of course, can also choose cold milk bubble “breakfast cereal”);


3,The first choice for the reduction group is to cook the oatmeal rice or oatmeal.


5,How to cook Oats to lose weight


1,Oatmeal yogurt


Yogurt can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieve constipation and reduce weight, but also has a strong sense of satiation, and oats are rich in vitamin B, which is conducive to accelerating metabolism, clearing heat and relieving constipation, and is very beneficial to weight loss.


2, fruit oatmeal yogurt


Lunch and dinner can eat yoghurt of this fruit oats, fruit was added in yoghurt of oatmeal, won’t feel greasy when letting you eat, and fruit not only can help reduce weight, still can hairdressing.

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