Eight ways to lose weight “double”

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1,Food shopping Transformation:


If there is still a pile of unhealthy snacks at home, or the family is basically out of food, your first thing to do is to buy food. It sounds very happy, right? Don’t think about starvation first, but how to eat will be healthier. If the week is busy, buy food for the week. Don’t plan to go out to a restaurant. It’s best to do it at home (or eat your own food in the company). The key is to control what you eat and don’t eat. When purchasing, you should buy a large number of vegetables, green and colored. The richer the better (negative calorie food is the best, seasonal vegetables are the best); Fruit (apples and oranges must be bought), and then buy some foods with higher starch content such as sweet potatoes, yams, chestnuts and potatoes. Why, because you may have to say goodbye to rice noodles for a while in the next two weeks. Then buy some protein rich foods, from eggs, chicken, fish to all kinds of beans, bean products, soybean milk and milk. There is also tomato juice (low salt is the best, you can’t buy ordinary ones). Condiments need cumin, chili powder, laurel powder, coriander, ginger powder, garlic, etc. These are foods that help burn fat and improve metabolism. No snacks, no bread, no sugar.


2,Low carbohydrate diet for 2 weeks:


Eating less carbohydrates will immediately reduce your edema and water weight and make you lose weight in a few days. It’s not a long-term plan, so it’s only two weeks. The carbohydrates mentioned here are grains and sugar, excluding fresh fruits and vegetables and starchy foods (sweet potato, peony and beans), but starchy foods should be eaten less. Don’t eat preserved fruit, because dried fruit is small in volume and high in sugar. Don’t drink any soft drinks. If you have a way to calculate the amount of carbohydrates, don’t exceed 50-60 grams per day (the first two weeks). Fruit is best limited to two servings, such as a medium-sized apple and an orange; You can eat more in the future, mainly because of the high sugar content. Pay attention to supplement protein, because your body still needs energy and nutrition. Protein can control satiety for a long time. You are not easy to lose muscle (muscle consumes more calories than fat), and protein can help decompose fat.


 ways to lose weight


3,Drink plenty of water 12-16 cups:


Usually, the saying of drinking 8 glasses of water a day should be increased when losing weight. Try to drink more than coffee. You can drink more green tea and oolong. A glass of water is 240 ml, so you plan to come and drink a large glass of lemonade in the morning, then drink another glass before breakfast, drink a cup before lunch, and drink a glass of tomato juice mixed with water 20 minutes before lunch (it is said to help speed up metabolism. I tried and thought the effect was good, but it is more likely because of the sense of security). Drinking plenty of water can help the body eliminate toxic substances and help “melt” fat. Milk and soybean milk can’t be regarded as water, but if you don’t drink enough 12-16 cups, they can barely make up. You will feel that going to the bathroom a lot is also a way to force yourself to get up and move more.


4,Exercise in the morning:


There are several advantages. First, getting up early is painful, but you solve the most painful thing (exercise) this year first, and you will feel very good all day. Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning is easier to consume fat as energy, not the energy stored in muscles, nor the carbohydrates just eaten. That’s why eating less carbohydrates in the first two weeks makes the body have to get energy from the stored fat to help maximize fat loss. In the morning, you can’t do too much exercise because you are hungry. Aerobics such as fast walking and aerobics are more suitable. Strength exercise may not be suitable, otherwise you will see stars. Exercise in the morning can also improve your metabolism throughout the day, so adjust your work and rest time, get up 30 minutes early and exercise. If time is tight, exercise for 20-25 minutes in the morning and 20-25 minutes after work. Watch the news at home and do aerobics.


5,Find a partner to lose weight:


It’s easier to discuss the experience and progress of weight loss with you every day and urge each other than fighting alone. And it’s best for you to see people every day, so that everyone’s weight loss effect is clear at a glance, and it’s not easy to be lazy and lax.


6,Exercise methods for fat reduction:


If you can’t exercise in the morning, do 20 minutes of light strength training before aerobic exercise at other times. Because the body usually starts to use the energy stored in fat after 20 points, so you start to burn fat as soon as you start walking or running. It feels good to think about it in your mind.


7,Eat some food every 2.5 to 3 hours:


Five meals a day instead of three big meals. In this way, you won’t feel too hungry. Of course, every meal is not a big meal and try to be balanced. However, it’s difficult to bring more yogurt, milk and fruit at work (roasted salt-free soybeans are a good snack choice); Make some delicious food at the weekend.


8,Reward yourself


Eat some of your favorite foods one day of the week, as long as the calories don’t exceed the standard that day. Girls should have no more than 1500 calories. Weight loss is also a process of pay and return. Don’t make it too hard and painful. In that case, you can’t last for a few days.

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