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Weight loss is a topic that every girl will discuss, but they all reject diet and exercise, because diet will have side effects, so how can they lose weight quickly and restore their slim figure? Here are some ways to get the best of both worlds, which will not only make you lose weight faster and better, but also eliminate your constipation and let you detoxify quickly.


Nine foods for rapid weight loss




It tastes sweet and cool. It is rich in autumn and winter. It has the effects of eliminating greasiness, breaking Qi, resolving phlegm and relieving cough. In recent years, it has been found that it contains choline, which can reduce blood lipid and blood pressure, and is conducive to weight loss. In the market season, you should often cook or eat cold. You can also make dried radish for years.


Bamboo shoots


It is a famous vegetable dish with more protein and cellulose and less fat. When it comes to the market in spring, summer and winter, it is advisable to often cook with meals, which can reduce weight and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Job’s tears


Job’s tears taste sweet and cool. It has always been a good food and medicine for removing dampness and swelling. Its dry products can be eaten in porridge and soup all year round.




It tastes sweet and cold. It is also a famous vegetarian with high protein, low fat, multi fiber and multi minerals. In recent years, it has been found that it contains a polysaccharide, which can reduce blood cholesterol, lose weight and fight cancer. Its dry products can be fried for many years, or often cooked with soup.


Bean sprouts


It tastes sweet and cool, contains more plant protein and vitamins. It is often cooked, cold mixed and fried in soup, which helps to eliminate greasiness, diuresis and reduce fat.


Lotus leaf tea


It tastes sweet, slightly bitter and flat in nature. It is not only a good product for clearing heat and relieving summer heat, but also regular drinking can reduce weight. Decoct 50-100g fresh lotus leaves (25g dry products) for tea every day for 3 months, and the body weight can be significantly reduced.


Hawthorn tea


Hawthorn tastes sour and sweet, is mild in nature, and is rich in calcium, vitamin C, citric acid and other components. It has the functions of digestion and accumulation, reducing blood lipid and preventing arteriosclerosis. Often brew substitute tea to help lose weight.


weight loss diet




Some Nigerian scholars fed mice with greasy feed. After a period of time, they found that the content of cholesterol in blood, liver and kidney increased significantly. But when some mashed garlic is added to the feed, their cholesterol content will no longer increase. These scholars believe that enzymes are involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol, and garlic just prevents the formation of enzymes. Therefore, garlic can cure obesity.




The research team of Kyoto University in Japan found that capsaicin can prevent obesity. Capsaicin seasoning can promote fat metabolism and prevent fat accumulation in the body.


The second day of a week’s fast weight loss method


Soup and vegetables. The next day, in addition to soup, you can eat all vegetables, unlimited, and you’d better choose fresh vegetables. Don’t eat beans and corn. You can have some baked potatoes at noon.


Please remember: don’t eat any fruit, drink more water.


The third day of a week’s fast weight loss method


Soup, fruit and vegetables. You can’t eat baked potatoes on this day. You can eat soup, fruits and vegetables casually, and drink more water at the same time.


If you can strictly follow the dietary regulations in the first three days, you can lose 2-3kg


The fourth day of a week’s rapid weight loss method


Soup, fruit, vegetables, milk and bananas. In addition to drinking soup and eating fruits and vegetables, you can also eat 1 cup of milk and 3 bananas.


Remember: drink no more milk than soup.


The fifth day of a week’s fast weight loss method


Soup, beef and tomatoes. In addition to soup, you can eat some tomatoes and beef. Beef can eat 200 grams, tomatoes and fruits raw, unlimited. On this day, you are required to drink 6-8 glasses of water and only drink soup once.


The sixth day of a week’s rapid weight loss method


Beef and leafy vegetables. Beef and vegetables can be eaten casually. You can also eat two steaks, but you can’t eat baked potatoes. Besides drinking soup once, you must drink more water.


The seventh day of a week’s rapid weight loss method


Rice, fruit juice, vegetables and soup. You can eat rice and vegetables, drink unsweetened fruit juice and drink more water. Vegetables can be fried with scallions.

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