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There are many purposes of fitness. Some people simply want to lose weight, some people want to gain muscle and lose fat, and some people even regard fitness as their hobby and so on.


However, it is important to emphasize some precautions before working out, which can backfire if not paid attention to!


1.Do not eat indigestible things within an hour before fitness: meat, fat, etc., can eat appropriate carbohydrates (rice, steamed bread, etc.).


2.Before starting fitness, we must have sufficient exercise to make the body adapt to the reaction and prevent sports injuries.


3.If you work out for more than 60 minutes, a sports drink and mineral water will help prevent electrolyte loss due to excessive sweating.


Fitness the exercise, not all the equipment is suitable for you to do, must be based on their own physical quality and health conditions to make a suit of their own exercise plan!


5.If you need to build muscle, you can add protein powder, eggs, beef and other high-protein food after fitness, which can better improve the exercise efficiency and slow down doms.


6.If you need to reduce fat, you should properly reduce your energy intake. In particular, you should pay attention to the intake of water during fitness activities.


7.When fitness must wear sportswear and sneakers, not only can enhance athletic performance, but also can lower the risk of movement, if need be and other auxiliary tools are to put the load power, grip strength, knee pads, belts (no other cases must take the belt, for beginners, can well protect the lumbar from harm).


8.Of course, don’t forget to listen to some dynamic music, it is very effective when working out.

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