Four salads to lose weight and make for dinner!

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If you are losing weight, dinner is very important for weight loss, if it is too late at night for dinner, or eat too full, inhibit the body organs and muscles, digest food work certainly will increase the stomach burden, digestion is certainly not sufficient, the blood glucose and free fatty acids, easy to cause false surplus heat, insulin can turning blood sugar into fat. But if it is too late at night, you dare not eat anything. Going to bed hungry is also bad for your health.


The gastrointestinal tract will also have ulcer digestive diseases because of excessive gastric acid. Dinner is the best choice of easy to digest the main low carbon food, simple meal is the best choice, such as eating vegetables salad fruit, drink milk or protein powder, so in the hollow and full to do a compromise between the body harm and fat probability to the lowest. Here are four diet salads that are great for evening consumption.


The first is our vegetable salad, vegetable salad is absolutely necessary for our weight loss, taste on.. Just like that, see your own degree of adaptation, usually love to eat vegetables very well accepted, but accustomed to big fish or meat people need time to adapt.


The practice of vegetable salad is also the simplest, usually made of purple cabbage, lettuce, small tomatoes and broccoli, wash them and cut them into filamentous or block, boil them in water, and then get into the plate, sprinkle some seasoning and salad dressing what is OK, very very easy!


diet salads


The second is corn salad, KFC corn salad we should have eaten oh, the production method is also very simple, and really much better than vegetable salad, the cucumber and carrot cut into cubes, corn to peel off a grain, and then put the corn and carrots in water to cook first ~


Then drain and stir with the cucumber. Add yogurt and salad dressing to taste. Refrigerate for an hour and serve. Yogurt words ammushi is good, thick, weight is also enough, mixed salad mixed fruit taste is good ~


Number three is potato and shrimp salad. You think salads are vegetarian? Wrong! Your study is not deep enough, potato shrimp salad, super delicious weight loss salad, first cooked potatoes into the state of mashed potatoes, then add milk stirring, and then sprinkle salt and pepper to adjust the taste, continue to stir, put corn shrimp green beans in the pot cooked, drain after adding mashed potatoes mix, done, perfect!


The fourth is toasted asparagus salad, and another one is also my favorite, is toasted asparagus salad, this is a little more difficult than the above, we first cut the toast into small pieces and bake in the oven for 5 minutes, as long as the edges are a little browned and hard!


Put some olive oil and salt in the pan. Throw in the asparagus and cook for three minutes. Slice the cucumber, tomato and onion, and prepare a hard-boiled egg


If you want to lose weight, you’d better use olive oil in salads or cooking. It’s very low in fat. Did you learn today’s salad? Super simple have, and taste is good, want to lose weight friends can try oh!

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