How to prevent colds in autumn

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The hot summer has passed, and into autumn, do we need to know how to deal with the discomfort caused by the change of season? Then do you know how to prevent colds in autumn? How can ability prevent the occurrence of child cold? Do you know what to eat when you catch a cold? Today, alopah will tell you the common sense of preventing colds in autumn. Let’s have a look!


Tips for preventing colds in autumn


As soon as autumn comes, it will be found that its weather changes and temperature difference are particularly large. The mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is constantly stimulated by cold and heat. At the same time, the resistance of the body has also decreased. Some viral microorganisms have an opportunity to catch a cold after accidentally respiratory tract infection. So do you know how to prevent colds in autumn?


First of all, we should follow the law of spring covering and autumn freezing and cold resistance exercise from autumn, and pay attention to choosing clothes with the change of temperature; Increase outdoor activities; Then try to keep the working environment well ventilated. At the same time, we should drink more water and eat more fruits to enhance the metabolism of the body; Often use cold water to wash your face and nose, which also helps to prevent colds.


If you have a cold patient around you, you have to be careful. Wash your hands after touching the cold patient or what they have touched, and keep your fingers away from your eyes and nose.


If you have a cold, you’d better fumigate your room with aged vinegar. In addition, it should be specially reminded that the elderly should seek medical treatment in time after suffering from a cold.


If we can get up early in the morning or before going to bed, we can give ourselves health care and massage methods, and we can also exercise more, we can have a certain curative effect and positive effect on recovering from a cold.


Rub the palms of both hands until the palms are hot. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lung governs the skin, and the three yin and three yang meridians of the hand meet in the hand. Rubbing the hand can warm and dredge the meridians and prevent colds.


After rubbing your hands, rub your face for 2 minutes. When rubbing the face, the palm should be close to the face, and the upper, lower, left and right should be rubbed completely. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that facial features correspond to the Zang Fu organs, and rubbing the face can reconcile the Zang Fu organs. Press and knead bilateral temples with the middle fingers of both hands for 1 minute, which can dispel wind, open orifices and awaken the brain.


How to prevent children from catching a cold


1,Seasonal alternation


Infants have poor heat production capacity. It is OK to appropriately wear a layer of single clothes or thin vests for children. But there is no reason for children to dress a season away from their parents.


From hot summer to autumn, the temperature is not constant, sometimes cold and sometimes hot, especially in a day with a large temperature difference. It is often cool in the morning and evening, muggy at noon and scorching in the sun. If you don’t increase or decrease your children’s clothes in time, it will cause uneven cooling and heat and easy to catch a cold. At the turn of the season, the children’s chances of catching a cold will be greatly reduced by increasing or decreasing their clothes with the change of the weather.


Expert advice


Now the weather has changed from hot to cold. Don’t hurry to give your children too many clothes for the time being. The weather is gradually getting colder. If it is added at this time, it will not be easy to reduce in the future. It will only be more and more. So what’s the best way? You should make sure that the child is as thin and thick as your clothes. Where you do not feel cold, the child will not feel cold. You know what? Although the child is not as resistant to the cold as our adults, he is always in the state of exercise. Even if he is asleep, he doesn’t need to cover him with too many clothes.


prevent children from catching a cold


The weather is getting colder and warmer, and you can’t rush to reduce your children’s clothes. According to your own feelings, you can reduce your clothes a few days later than yourself. If you don’t feel cold because you lose your clothes, it’s not too late to reduce your children, but you should reduce one single coat less than adults.


Master the principle of covering spring with autumn, and then increase or decrease children’s clothes in a planned way according to the weather forecast of the day, temperature changes and your own feelings. Don’t wear whatever you want for your children, and don’t listen to your children. When choosing clothes, if they are only beautiful and not practical, they should give up without hesitation.


Some parents are afraid that their children will not leave the house as soon as the weather is cold. Children’s respiratory tract is not stimulated by the external air for a long time, and they can’t get cold resistant exercise. When spring flowers bloom, or after contacting cold patients, they are easy to get sick because of their poor resistance to pathogens.


2,When sleeping


The baby doesn’t kick the quilt because it’s naughty. If you sleep hot, the child will naturally kick the quilt. Before going to bed, the mother is afraid that he will be cold and covered thick, and the baby may sweat. In the second half of the night, when the temperature drops and the mother falls asleep, the baby who kicks out the quilt is most likely to catch a cold.


Expert advice


It’s best not to let your baby sleep in knitted underwear or thick pajamas. Wear small pants fork and small vest to sleep, the baby is more stable and doesn’t like to kick the quilt. The more you wear, the more uncomfortable you are, the more you have to kick the quilt. On the contrary, you will catch cold.


The baby has fallen asleep, whether in the arms, carts, back seats of bicycles or car seats, we should avoid the wind. The baby just woke up and can’t be carried outdoors immediately. Let the child move indoors for a while first. When sleeping during the day, you should also take off your coat, cover it with a thin quilt, and put on your coat when you wake up.


In summer, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature is very small, and even the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature. Therefore, opening the window will not make the child catch cold. On the contrary, it can also make the indoor air fresh. Note: there should be no convective wind when you open the window to sleep.


3,During exercise


Different from adults, children have thin and tender skin, less subcutaneous fat and underdeveloped muscles, but the subcutaneous capillaries are very rich. The thermoregulation center and blood circulation regulation center are not well developed, and their thermoregulation function is relatively poor, so they can not change rapidly with the changes of the external environment.


When the child is heated or sweating, the capillaries and sweat pores are open. When stimulated by cold wind (such as ventilation, electric fan, air conditioner, etc.), the sweat pores are suddenly closed to reduce heat dissipation. However, if the open capillaries fail to contract in time, the blood flow rate is still very fast; On the contrary, if the sweat pores are not closed in time, they still continue to open and dissipate heat outward, while the capillaries contract when cold and the blood flow is slow. This will aggravate the imbalance between the uncoordinated thermoregulation center and the blood circulation center, and reduce the ability to resist viruses and bacteria. Cause the child to catch a cold, even suffer from tracheitis and pneumonia.


Autumn caught a cold what to eat good fast?


1,Hot Lemonade: add sugar or honey to lemon juice, and then add warm boiled water.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which has the effects of antibacterial and improving immunity. It can effectively fight cold viruses. Especially in the early stage of a cold, it is most suitable to drink hot lemonade to treat opposition. In addition, hot lemonade has the effects of appetizing and eliminating food, generating saliva and relieving thirst. It is also suitable for cold patients with wind heat.


If you drink more hot lemonade at ordinary times, you can supplement vitamin C, maintain your body and prevent colds.


2,Plum powder tomato juice: add fresh plum powder to tomato juice.


Tomato juice is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, and fresh plum powder is also rich in vitamin C to improve human immunity. Moreover, sour plum can astringe body fluid, treat long cough and diarrhea, which is very effective, and can effectively treat cold problems.


However, plum powder tomato juice should not be eaten more, because eating more damages teeth, generates phlegm and helps heat, especially when women are menstruating, they can’t drink plum powder tomato juice.


3,Hot water fruit tea: dice carambola, Liuding, apple and other fruits, add water and boil, turn to low heat for 15 ~ 30 minutes, and drink while hot.


Autumn caught a cold what to eat good fast? Hot water fruit tea is rich in vitamin C, which can quickly cure cold problems. Moreover, carambola can clear away heat and generate fluid, which can cure wind heat cough, mouth sore, gum swelling, thirst and so on. Apples can produce saliva, quench thirst, moisten lungs and relieve summer heat. Liuding pulp moisturizes and strengthens the stomach, the peel dissolves phlegm, stops cough, strengthens the spleen and stomach, and the seed has the effect of detumescence and pain relief, which can effectively treat colds.


Autumn caught a cold what to eat good fast? You can drink some hot lemonade, plum powder, tomato juice and hot fruit tea. However, if the severe cold should be checked and treated in the regular hospital as soon as possible to avoid the problems of pneumonia.

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