How to relieve tension and anxiety, four simple psychotherapy

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Tension and anxiety are problems that most people will encounter. Unfortunately, although they know they have this problem, they don’t know how to get rid of it. It seems that the more they struggle, the tighter they trap you, so tight that you can’t breathe. In order to help those friends who are easy to be nervous to get rid of anxiety, here are some simple and effective psychotherapy:


Lower your demands on yourself

Generally speaking, people who are competitive – strive to improve everything and strive to be the first in everything – are prone to tension and anxiety. There are thousands of flowers and different lives. Everyone has his own strengths and advantages. It is neither possible nor necessary to pursue Superman in everything. You are inferior to others in some places, but you are better than others in some aspects. Therefore, you should recognize the limitations of your ability and energy, lower your requirements for yourself, consider everything in the long run and as a whole, don’t care too much about the gains and losses of one place at a time, and don’t care too much about other people’s views and evaluation of yourself, which will naturally relax your mood.


Tension and anxiety


Shift focus

If the tension and anxiety comes from the things you are facing and there is no way to solve them, don’t fall into the entanglement and confrontation in this situation, which will only make your mood worse. Temporarily diverting attention is an effective way to alleviate the current mood. You can turn your eyes to the window and relax your eyes and other parts of your body in time; Or take eight to ten deep breaths and let your body move; You can also recall a thing that makes you relaxed and happy; Moreover, watching some humorous films can effectively release our anxiety. If you are a humorous person, try to show it when communicating with others. You can choose the appropriate way according to the situation at that time.


Stop labeling

Labeling can lead to self exaggeration and strengthen symptoms. There are more and more knowledge and information about anxiety disorder, but few can really help or be valuable to patients with anxiety disorder. Because patients with anxiety disorder do not have a good internal defense mechanism, they often compare their own situation with it, resulting in greater internal pressure and burden. What’s more, at first, they are just some small emotions of anxiety and tension, but finally they are strengthened into more complex anxiety disorders by themselves. So don’t label yourself easily.


Be humorous

Humor has a magical effect on eliminating tension and anxiety. Research has found that people who are in a state of tension are more likely to laugh. In fact, laughing has become a way to vent tension and anxiety. So it’s helpful to listen to jokes when you’re nervous. If you are usually a person with a sense of humor, you can show it to relieve tension and anxiety.

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