If you don’t have time to go to the gym and want to stay in shape, you can also exercise at home

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Some office workers or people with little time are not willing to go to the gym because of the lack of time, so they hope to get a good figure at home. For those who have economic conditions, you can buy some simple equipment to help training. People who don’t have fitness equipment can also use weight training to build up their body, and for people who don’t have a fitness foundation, self-weight training is enough to beat the muscles of the whole body.


What should I pay attention to when exercising at home


1.Don’t do high-intensity exercise


Exercise can help build a strong body, but high intensity exercise should be avoided, especially by people who are not willing to exercise. Because after occasional intense training, immunity will temporarily drop for a short period of time. At this time, it is often easy to be infected with pathogens, so when exercising, do not strongly ask yourself to do some high intensity training, we can take it slowly.


2.Ventilation after sweating at home


Training must be timely ventilation in the home, according to the indoor and outdoor conditions, can be in the morning, at night and the morning air is good for ventilation, should be between 15 and 30 minutes each time, the air quality in poor air quality can be reduced, if after sports sweat, should delay ventilated take a breath, prevent cold air into the indoor and cold, and so on and so forth.


3.You can’t exercise every time


As we all know, fitness requires energy and focus because it requires a lot of strength training and some skill training. But if you just wake up or half awake every day to the state of training, the body’s various functions have not fully awakened, forced to carry out activities, so that our body is very bad. At night, the body basically goes into a dormant state or into another state of slow activity, which is completely different from the daytime state, but when we start to engage in intense activity in this state, we are likely to get injured. The other is to do intense exercise before bedtime, which is actually bad for our heart rate and makes it difficult to put our body into a dormant state. So it’s not all the time, it’s all about scheduling the right time of day and making sure you have a lot of energy and focus to start working out.


exercise at home


4.Don’t work out in inappropriate places


In our usual exercise, it is impossible to have time to go to the gym training every day, so at this time we will choose to exercise at home or in the community for a short time, which is completely ok. However, we need to exercise within the limits of keeping ourselves safe.


5.Don’t go straight into exercise without warming up


This is a very important point, warm up is an essential part of our daily exercise process. Some people like to go straight to the gym to train, do not do warm-up activity, think it is a waste of time, this is completely undesirable, it may be injured during the training. The warm-up is to let the muscles of our body stretch, so that our body has a buffer, so that we can more easily enter the following training. Warm up for 20 minutes before training to stretch our muscles before we start to get into regular training.


Exercise at home


1.Jumping jacks


Stand and jump with your feet about 1.5 shoulder width apart. Move your hands up to the top of your head and give them a high five. Be sure to stretch your elbows as far as you can and squeeze them on the sides of your head so that your body reaches up at the same time. After the new jump, bring your feet together and slap your hands against the sides of your thighs while keeping your body extended towards the top of your head and trying not to bend back.


2.Squat with bare hands


This is also one of the unavoidable movements, so at home to practice legs. First, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, your back straight, your core in, and your arms straight. Then bend your hips, moving them back and squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor and raised. Note that you should always keep your back straight and keep your knees and toes in the same direction during the movement. Do 4-5 sets of 10-12 reps.




A standard push-up can be a good exercise chest, triceps, deltoid anterior bundle and other muscle groups. It mainly improves muscle strength in the upper extremities, chest, lower back, and abdomen. First continue to bend over, hands slightly wider than shoulder width, feet together on the floor, then chest out to tighten the midsection. Keep your body in a straight line. Then bend the elbow to let the center of gravity drop to the chest close to the ground quickly, pause 0.5-1 seconds, and then focus on the strength of the chest quickly push up, push up to keep the elbow slightly curved, do not lock. Do 4 to 5 sets of 8 to 10 reps.


Incorporate exercise into your life and you’ll find that your energy and physical endurance will improve to varying degrees. Of course, as you train longer, you will find yourself much younger than your peers. If you don’t have a whole block of time to train, you should also learn to use the fragmented time to do physical exercise, moderate exercise, scientific exercise, healthy life will have quality, we don’t give up in the middle, fitness is to insist on the effect.

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