If you don’t stretch before and after exercise, you’ll lose all your fitness benefits!

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As people pay more attention to physical health, more and more people join in the ranks of fitness, especially those who pursue body shape, muscle line, and want to reduce and reshape their shape, they will spend more time on exercise and fitness. But one thing that’s often overlooked in our daily workout is the pre – and post-workout stretch. Some people believe that stretching does not activate the body quickly, but simply relaxes and stretches the muscles, fascia, skin, etc., which is nothing compared to a full-body exercise.


In order to save time, fully put energy into the whole-body movement, these people will skip the stretching link, do a few whole-body or high-intensity exercise directly, even after the end of the exercise, will not stretch to relax the body, as everyone knows, before and after the exercise does not stretch, is very harmful to health. This kind of movement without any transition will not only increase the load on the joints, but also affect their flexibility. Even muscle elasticity will decrease and become more and more tight. So to get fit scientifically, stretching before and after exercise is a must!


What does stretching do before and after exercise?


Increase flexibility


The human body will maintain a relatively stable state in most of the time. The range of motion of joints, limbs, including the torso, is limited. However, the body state during exercise and fitness is different, which will rapidly expand the range of motion of various parts of the human body.


If you jump directly from a relatively rigid state to a wide range of activities, the body will inevitably appear some inadaptation, but also because of poor flexibility, causing some injuries and discomfort. But if the exercise before a reasonable stretch, limb flexibility in all aspects of the improvement, then the next big movement, it will be much easier.


Avoid limb injury


As we have just said, the body from steady state to a state of systemic activity significantly, needs a process, if not stretch as cohesion, in has not yet adapted to the current body big sports exercise intensity, can lead to physical injury, common have the wear degree, such as increased muscle, joint, including ignore stretching after exercise, Can have similar results. Therefore, it is important to set aside some time for stretching before and after each workout.




Correct the wrong posture


Or the problem of body stiffness, people who exercise regularly should know that there are some fitness movements, when the body function is not fully activated, it can not reach the standard, and the loss of standard exercise and wrong movements will inevitably affect the final exercise effect, so, it is also important to adjust and correct movement posture at any time. Stretching before exercise can not only activate muscle tissue, ligaments and bones, but also help each part of the body adjust to the state needed for exercise. In the correct state, the posture is not easy to make mistakes naturally, and the effect after exercise will be more obvious.


Before and after, try this stretch!


The neck


The neck stretch is simple. Straighten your back, relax your shoulders, and lift your chin up. You’ll feel some tightness in the front of your neck. There is a posture is to raise the left hand over the head, touch the right ear, hold the head to the left with the palm of the hand, stretch the right muscles of the neck, do after the right hand touch the left ear pull the left side of the neck. Alternate the two stretching exercises for 3 to 5 times.


Upper limb


Upper limbs mainly for arm and shoulder muscles for stretching, horizontal left arm straight, with the right hand to hook the left arm back force, left and right hand alternate about 5 times.


The abdomen


Abdominal stretching can be carried out using yoga posture camel type, kneeling on the yoga mat, the upper body slowly backward, hands straight support on the foot, pay attention not to use the hand to reach the foot, deliberately squeeze the waist, with the abdominal muscles have been stretched feeling shall prevail, the duration is not too long.


The leg


When stretching the legs, you can sit on the ground and straighten your legs and slowly open them. Pay attention not to bend your knees until they are opened to the maximum Angle, and keep them for a period of time. You can also stand straight, lift one side of your calf back, and gently stretch your instep with the same side hand.


Guys, do you stretch before and after you work out?

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