Keep working out, not only can you have a good figure, but also can make your skin smooth

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People who are used to the comings and goings of the gym may find that not many of them continue to do so in droves. But working out is not something you can see for a while. It just needs is to insist, as long as adhere to, there will be an effect.


Some of the benefits of fitness


1.Cut fat


The biggest effect of exercise is to improve the body shape. At the beginning of exercise, the body consumes sugar, and as time goes by, the source of energy supply becomes fat. Moreover, the longer the exercise time is, the more fat is consumed, and the more beautiful muscles can be built. Therefore, do exercise can reduce body fat content, achieve the effect of weight loss and shape.


2.Boost your brain power


When we exercise, our brain is always in a very focused state. Regular exercise can increase blood flow to the brain, stimulate brain cells, improve brain function, and prevent alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and other brain diseases.


3.improve lung capacity


As we all know, the lungs are filled with large and small alveoli, and we usually use less than a third of them to breathe. But when we start to exercise, the breathing rate increases and the breathing deepens, so we need more alveoli to breathe. This dilates the blood vessels in the lungs and increases ventilation, which increases the capacity of the lungs and makes them stronger.


4.strong heart


When exercise, the heart rate increases, blood circulation speeds up, more oxygen circulation in the body, which can make cardiovascular blood vessels more resistant, stimulate the formation of cardiovascular, effectively prevent hypertension.


5.Increase bone density


As adults, the body reaches its maximum bone mass and then gradually begins to decline. During exercise, bones sustain about five times their body weight, prompting a massive increase in bone cells. Therefore, prolonged exercise can increase this maximum, slow the trend of bone loss and prevent osteoporosis.


6.Enhance kidney metabolism


Exercise speeds up the rate at which your kidneys filter blood, allowing them to absorb more water. It also releases more of the hormone adrenaline, which regulates water in your body and helps your heart pump more blood around your body forcefully.


working out


7.Smooth your skin


After training, the body warms up, and at this point, the skin needs to help us cool down: the capillaries dilate so the sweat can better diffuse into the air. In the process, the top layer of skin becomes more elastic.




In the modern society, we face great pressure, especially in the life and work, fitness is a good method, it can make people be negative emotion accumulation, the good mood to vent, in sports, sports can promote endocrine changes in the body, releasing hormones, mood letting a person is cheerful, so a lot of people think forget trouble, feel vision changed, And the mood is better.


9.Increase confidence


People can’t tell by their appearance, but fitness can reduce body fat content and make people “lean and muscular”. The fat that initially accumulated in different parts of the body is lost and the whole person becomes sunny and healthy. These image and quality enhancement, in fact, will increase a person’s aura, improve a person’s self-confidence.


Some movements for fitness




Lie flat on your yoga mat, bend your knees, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, and step on them with your feet. Fold your hands close to your ears and use your abdominal muscles to roll your shoulders and upper back off the ground, pause at the highest point, then slowly return to the starting position. As you curl, keep your lower back close to the floor and keep your elbows open. Exhale as you roll over, inhale as you fall.


2.Push ups


A lot of people look down on this little basic exercise and think push-ups are good from childhood. However, push-ups are a golden upper body workout. Not only will it work your chest, but it will also work your arm, shoulder and back muscles to improve your upper body strength and promote muscle growth.


Push-ups are essential to do free exercise and street fitness, can play a variety of tricks are experienced people. If you don’t want to go to the gym or don’t have time, you can practice push-ups at home, which is also a great way to get fit. An updated version of the difficult push-ups will also help you build strong pecs.


3.The goat stands up


This is one of the few exercises you can do on a daily basis, but it is a great way to improve many of your muscles, such as your hips, back, waist, and abdomen. People who want to strengthen their core and work out their abs do this exercise. This move is also great for improving individual muscle strength, and people with low body fat can develop abdominal lines in less than a month. This action is also a good butt lift effect, both men and women, buttocks will be very good shape. However, it is important to keep your back in a straight line and not bend when doing this, otherwise it will not only have no effect after the exercise, but also make your lower back disabled.


Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard, more and more people join fitness training. However, there are not many people who can really stick to fitness, because in life you will meet a lot of things that make you unhappy, they will let you upset the rhythm of fitness. Therefore, it is not easy to keep fitness up, and you have to be very disciplined to do it!

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