Lose weight on the weekend with a low-calorie, healthy diet

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The women who do not go out for a long time always have all sorts of excuses not to be willing to exercise, but the method that wants to use diet control again thin body, and what make the women who do not go out for a long time most is often lost weight, also reduced muscle mass and more important bosom however! You can stay in good shape even if you stay at home for a few months! Want to use the method thin body that break food lightly to do not reduce bosom again, you can want to learn these to eat method and menu seriously, calculate 3 months do not go out, also be not afraid of long resists deformation, learn to rely on break food lightly to control posture quickly, still can keep these clever eating method of perfect body type.


【 Break food daily 】


Eat your dinner before 7pm and don’t eat anything afterwards, including fruit. Dinner can be paired with Onions, ginger and garlic to promote metabolism. Also, insist on eating a bowl of cooked vegetables at every meal. Vegetables are packed with fiber, minerals, and vitamins, and you can eat a bowl full of them without feeling guilty. They’re so healthy and low in calories.


【 Break off the breast 】


The light diet method is to choose two days a week to consume only 500 calories each, it is recommended to divide into two breakfast and two evening meals, the other five days are normal eating. To maintain breast beauty at the same time, it is recommended that a light diet consists of one part of starch, one part of low-fat high-protein ingredients, one part of good oil, and many vegetables.


A combination of


Lose weight diet:


Breakfast Salmon onigiri, 1/2 bowl papaya.


Dinner: 1/3 bowl of pumpkin, two slices of lean meat, and at least 1 bowl of vegetables.


Combination of two


Breakfast vegetable omelet 1/2 portion, unsweetened soy milk 240C.C.


Dinner taro 1/3 bowl, oyster 2/3 bowl, lots of vegetables, can be cooked into small hot pot, try not to dip sauce.


The eight key points of nourishing beautiful breasts


Lose weight


Point 1 Protein 


One serving of protein per meal, such as one protein, or three thin slices of lean meat or fish, or 240 C.C. Soy milk or milk, or 100 grams of tofu. Changing them every day will provide your body with a variety of protein types, as well as allowing you to stick to a slimming diet with different flavors and variations!


Point 2 vitamin C


Vitamin C intake from fruits and vegetables can promote the repair and formation of collagen in the body, so as to avoid the formation of effective collagen no matter how much you eat. Do not blindly eat dried fruit or preserved fruit, such as processed products, be sure to choose fresh and in season to effectively add enough vitamin C oh ~


Point 3 VITAMIN B group


Foods rich in B vitamins, such as brown rice and whole grains, help keep the breasts from collapsing and keep them firm.


Point 4 


Wait like spinach, carrot, have the action that protects skin and mucous membrane, the skin that can make bosom more moist have elasticity.


Point 5 Good Grease 


Eat fish for omega-3; Or 1 small nut supplement vitamin E, linoleic acid and aracidonic acid and other good oil, stimulate the normal role of female hormones.


Point 6 zinc 


Zinc in the human body only 2~3 grams, and must be obtained from the diet, with a high content of shellfish, is an important element in the synthesis of estrogen, can promote the development of mammary gland tube.


Point 7 


Calcium can stimulate hormone to secrete normally, because this right amount absorbs black sesame, small fish dry the effect that the food such as also has breast enhancement.


Point 8 plant Hormones 


Plant hormones are similar in structure to female hormones, rich in isoflavones, lignin and coumarin, which can increase the accumulation of breast fat. Add red dates and yams to avoid breast reduction.

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