Many people fail to lose weight. Come from check! Three reasons. Are you one of them

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As the country’s living standards rise, obesity rates are rising, waistlines are slowly rising, and so are health risks. Losing weight is a matter of no time to delay, not only in order to have a perfect body, but also in order to have a healthy physique, strong physique, away from the confusion of disease.


Losing weight and losing weight is not an easy thing to succeed, 80% of people, losing weight and losing weight end up with failure, why is this? Three reasons to check it out!


1.lack of self-control, easy to give up halfway


To succeed in anything you do, you need to work hard. Many people in the weight loss weight loss period often three minutes heat, and do not have sufficient willpower to work hard, these people efforts less than a few days to put the weight loss plan behind, that weight loss weight loss finally only end with failure.


To lose weight, you should have sufficient motivation and set goals. You can’t give up at will. Give yourself sufficient will and you can improve the success rate of weight loss and weight loss.


Slimming people have to work hard enough to have a certain effect, to succeed you have to work hard for more than 3 months, let the fat tissue slowly remember the new weight, so that you can keep the perfect figure after losing weight.


2.believe that dieting can successfully lose weight and weight


lose weight


Many people lose weight and think they will lose weight by controlling their mouth and reducing their calorie intake. However, blindly tube stop mouth, achieve low fat intake, daily only to eat boiled vegetables behavior is not desirable.


If you go on an extreme diet of just a few hundred calories a day during the weight loss period, you will be starved of nutrients and famine in the long run. Although you will lose weight, your body will have to dissolve muscle in order to stay alive.


Muscle is a precious energy consumption organization of the human body, muscle loss will make the body’s metabolic rate lower, calorie consumption is not as good as before, easy to fat physique will slowly find you.


When you think you’ve lost weight, you’ve lost weight, and you start a recovery diet, your body creates an excess of calories, and the weight jumps back.


Slimming period, must pay attention to effective control of calories, but not too much to go on a diet, daily calorie intake to metabolic rate value is greater than the human body, in addition to a balanced intake, daily can’t repeat that several kinds of ingredients, we need to complement low carbohydrate diet, high-fiber foods, fruit sugar and high protein food, it can make you ate and thin!


3.Exercise without diet


Exercise can improve the body’s metabolism, promote fat burning, and maintain youthful body function. However, when you can’t control the mouth, pure fitness exercise does not necessarily lead to slim.


You need to understand that an hour of exercise can consume 500-600 calories, and a hamburger fried chicken is also up to 500-600 calories, drinking a 300cc cup of milk tea, the calories reached 300 calories, and all kinds of French fries, barbecue calories are not to be underestimated.


During the weight loss period, you need to mix your diet with exercise to lose weight quickly. Avoid all kinds of high-calorie foods and processed foods that are high in sugar, eat more natural foods that are low in fat, and monitor your calorie intake, so that you can control your calorie intake and lose weight slowly.

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