Must exercise be done every day? These are the two best frequencies to see if you’re up to par

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Sometimes in daily life to see some skinny girls and some strong men, always feel some envy. In fact, we can understand, although now is an era to look at the level of appearance, but if you want to change their appearance or figure, often is not so simple.


In the process of fitness, there will be many ways or methods to urge their own lifestyle, but in fact, in addition to the choice of lifestyle and eating habits to urge their own, it is more important to choose their own fitness.


Must exercise be done every day? These are the two best frequencies to see if you’re up to par.


For many people, in the process of fitness is often willing but not enough, sometimes because of the body or because of their own time is not enough, so there is not so much time.


But if for this group of people, often in daily life is not recommended to go to the gym every day, sometimes every day to go to the gym, often will have other damage to the body. At the same time, for many people, fitness doesn’t have to be done every day, and the results aren’t entirely good.


For some people, it’s best to keep the following two routines in the gym during your workout. Let’s see if you meet the standards.


Practice three times a week


Many people prefer to work out three times a week, but others prefer to work out every day. It’s not as effective as people who go to the gym every day, but it gives us enough rest.


At the same time the amount of exercise is not particularly large, but also can let the body get a short recovery and rest, so three times a week training is very good, at the same time when exercising for the fitness white, also can get a lot of benefits.




Practice five days a week


Some people think it is too little time to practice three days a week? In fact, there are many people who have training every day, but some people will dedicate a certain amount of time to practice five days a week, although it can make the body get a high frequency of exercise, but in fact, there are drawbacks to daily training.


At this time might as well choose to practice five days a week, also can improve our physical quality, and exercise intensity will not be larger, will not damage to our body. After hearing this, people tend to think that exercising three days a week or more than every day is a lot of benefits, in fact, the frequency of exercise and intensity is also closely related.


If someone wants to build a large muscle, in fact, they can choose to practice five days a week, but they still need to do aerobic exercise on weekdays, because everyone’s body foundation is different, it is best to choose the most suitable for their own.


Might as well choose a few small movements next, in the daily time is still very popular, whether it is something to do a few exercises, after running want to do some stretching exercise, is very good effect.


At the same time, it can also make our muscles and waistcoat line fully burned, and the stimulus intensity is relatively large, so for everyone, these movements are still very simple and easy.


1.Twist on your back


The supine twist is very simple. When we lie on our back on a yoga mat, we need to open our arms and press our knees down on the floor to feel the buttocks stretch.


Similarly, the intensity of stimulation of the abdomen near the knee is very large. Although the hip does not need to be valgus, it takes about 10 to 15 times of exercise to switch to the other leg during the exchange of one leg. Our hands also need to touch the ground, so that a simple action can be done.


2.Semi-locust action


It looks like a flying locust, but it actually requires our palms to go down. At the same time, in the process of our steps and upper body upward lift, the hip will exert a little force to lift their legs up, to let their legs reach the highest situation, keep 3~5 seconds.


You can feel the squeeze on your butt, which is also very useful for burning belly fat and butt fat. Although these two movements may seem simple, they are actually necessary only to do them consistently.


It will also bring enough benefits to our body. Although fitness does not need to be done every day, for many people, if the frequency of exercise is not enough, it is often not done right.


Some people will say that they have been working out for so long that their body shape has not changed, and it has had the opposite effect. It’s probably not the right way to do it, so choose these two pilates tips to burn fat while running or working out.


And girls fitness is more worried about running will appear thick legs, but these movements not only do not have thick legs, but more thin, and the action is more slow.

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