Planning is also important in the process of fitness. Without planning, you will probably lose your way.

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When we want to do a thing, we must know before doing things, even we can take a pen, write down the plan in our heart, do a plan, we should do each step have a very clear rule? If you don’t plan before you do something.


Without considering what kind of problems will arise in the process, you may have a scrambling phenomenon when problems arise.


And that actually affects the outcome of the problem, so we need to have a plan and the same thing with motion, we need to know what we’re doing before we do it.


How should we achieve our goals


Through a way to get closer and closer to our goal, and then according to their own physical quality to make a plan in line with their own, pay attention to this plan, must conform to their own, if not in line with their own words, then this plan is equivalent to do in vain.


It is very important to have an overall plan during sports, otherwise we may lose sight of our future goals in the process of sports.




If you don’t know, how should you make a plan


If you are a fitness little white, and you just entered the field of fitness, you do not know what to do fitness planning, even to what fitness exercise, or for the classification of fitness exercise is not special understanding.


You don’t even know what types of aerobic and anaerobic exercises are included or what to try. Learn the basics of these exercises and then plan based on what you feel.


If you don’t have a goal to exercise for


There are three reasons for exercising, one is love, one is to have a good body shape, one is to want to have a healthy body, these three must have included why people do exercise, if you want to exercise, just a initial goal, you can take a look at your own body shape.


Take a look at your body and see if you need a workout


If you have a lot of weight, you may need to do some fat reduction, if you have been out of shape recently, you may need to do some exercise to strengthen your body, if your weight is not very large, but your body shape is not good.


You need to do some weight-loss and body-building exercises, and when you do these exercises, having a goal can help you observe yourself every day and see what you’re doing.




In addition to exercise diet is also very critical, when you just enter the fitness, you may feel that you have no control over their diet, this time you can actually ease their diet.


How many tummy curls should we do a day if we want to do them


Crunches are done with the help of a yoga mat and then sit-ups, which can stimulate the abdominal muscles a lot. Helps to form waistlines or abdominal muscles.


But when doing belly curls, it is best not to do too much, if you do too much, it may lead to abdominal muscles can not be repaired, and you can not do too little to do too little to stimulate the abdominal muscles, so if you really want to do belly curls.


You can keep it at 20 a day and increase it as you increase your exercise time. In this way, you can not only achieve good results, but also help you to develop a self-planning.


Exercise this problem is actually a lot of people are very concerned about the problem, before exercise, must consider the problem of exercise, otherwise there may be a variety of problems, when the problem really appear, do not be nervous, or do not give up, must stick to it.

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