Sexual health: the existence of forbidden areas in the sexual life of couples

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The perfect sex life between couples is an important means of ensuring communication between the couple’s feelings, using this means to balance the emotional relationship between the couple. But anything is off-limits, the sexual life between couples is no exception. In the process of sex between couples, many couples often unconsciously stepped into the forbidden zone, finally leading to sexual disharmony between couples, and even seriously lead to couples to end up in divorce. So, what are the forbidden areas of sex between couples?


Sexual communication depends on the time to see the occasion


Some couples think that the exchange of views and feelings in the conduct of sex, but rather affect the normal conduct of sex, is enjoying the pleasure, the partner raised the issue may make the good mood blocked, especially men will be more affected, spoilers and end. There are husbands or wives do not look at the time and occasion, eating or doing housework when you think of opening the mouth to discuss the issue of sex, so that is doing something else partner is difficult to accept, a sudden resentment, good intentions do bad things.


Sexual communication


The content of sexual communication can not be endless


The relationship between men and women can maintain a certain passion, one of its factors is if there is a sense of mystery, coupled with the degree of education and the long-formed inherent concepts, certain questions are good questions but not good answers, or is not good with words, so the words should also pay attention to the appropriate stop.


Sexual communication should not involve stable private issues


Sexual life is selfish, should not ask partners whether they have had other sexual partners, or to partners to say the degree of contrast of sexual life and other difficult to say, couples should be sincere, but there will be a certain amount of privacy, especially do not ask the partner’s sexual experience, said both sides will not taste.


Sexual communication continues to expand


Sex should be the couple’s own thing, do not tell the details of the couple’s life even parents or the best friends, or once something happens, the couple’s private life is expanded, the partner is absolutely not forgive each other. There is also the feeling that you can not experience sex in order to seek a sexual partner outside of marriage, a mistake will become a thousand hates.


Sexual communication does not have to be absolutely verbal


Couple long years together, sex life has a good state of mutual adaptation, sometimes a slight change will cause each other’s response or opposition, body language can already indicate whether to agree to improve the content of sexual skills, etc., often have no sound here is better than the sound, wonderful in the unspoken mood, as long as the couple feel good.


Sexual communication should not fall into the same old clichés


Anything is long and annoying more and tired, if every sex partner are asking almost the same questions, the answer is bound to be tasteless, ask the person may not come from the heart, but will be bored by this, will also affect the harmony of sex. From the sexual closure of people, it is easy to open the situation to the other extreme, so it is necessary to remind the pursuit of a good sex life of people, do not go into the misconceptions of sexual communication.

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