Sitting for an hour reduces life expectancy by 22 minutes? Computer people should have these good habits

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How long do people sit in their seats every day? With the increasing number of desk people, many people spend half of the day sitting. Among them, many people will think “if you don’t have enough exercise at ordinary times, just strengthen exercise on weekends”. However, the study found that reducing sitting time is more effective than increasing exercise. The idea that “it doesn’t matter if you strengthen exercise and sit for a long time in the process of work” is very dangerous.


So, for sedentary office workers, what good habits can help prolong their life?


According to a study conducted in Switzerland, when studying the elderly who have been sedentary for a long time, it is found that reducing sedentary time can delay aging more than increasing exercise. In these studies, people were divided into regular exercise and infrequent exercise. They were observed continuously for up to six months, and the chromosomes closely related to life span were observed through blood examination. The results showed that a group of chromosomes that liked exercise became shorter, showing a trend of shorter life span, while chromosomes became longer after reducing sitting time. It can be seen that reducing sitting time can even increase people’s life span than increasing exercise time.


Sitting for an hour reduces life expectancy by 22 minutes? Computer people should have these good habits:


Mastering standing rhythm is the key to prolonging life

It is said that sitting for an hour will reduce life expectancy by 22 minutes. This is because the muscles contract during the sedentary process, and the function of the enzymes in the blood is inhibited after the muscle contraction, and the blood becomes sticky easily. This is one of the causes of obesity, diabetes and other diseases.


Tips for sedentary people


But even so, office workers can’t work standing all the time. Therefore, mastering the rhythm of standing has become the key. Japanese experts recommend that office workers leave their position every 30 minutes for simple exercise, or go to the toilet, or walk around to rest their eyes, or do simple aerobics, or stand up and work for a period of time every 30 minutes, which can not only relieve the health problems caused by sedentary, but also promote blood circulation.


Tips for sedentary people:

Standing on the phone. Stuart Bedell, a professor of sports psychology at Loughborough University, UK, suggested that standing up when making or answering the phone, supporting the body with both feet in turn and changing the center of gravity can promote blood circulation and consume more calories.


Work by fitness ball. The offices of Google in the United States and BMW in Germany allow employees to use fitness balls as chairs. Because when sitting this kind of ball, the body needs to keep moving to maintain balance, which can avoid the harm caused by sedentary immobility.


Put a cushion on the chair. In order to eliminate the low back pain and tailbone pain caused by the elderly sitting for a long time, the Japanese like to put a thick cushion on the chair to help distribute the weight evenly, reduce the friction of the chair on the sciatic nodules, or put a thick cushion under the feet to raise the legs moderately.


Put an alarm clock beside you. Office workers are busy or the elderly play chess and cards. They often forget to rest. They can put a small alarm clock around them or use their mobile phone to remind themselves to walk every hour.


Stretch your legs under the table. When sitting under the table, quietly stretch your toes, stretch your back, or lift your legs together for a while. Stretching your lower limbs is most useful to prevent venous thrombosis. “The circulation of the lower limbs of the elderly is poor, so we should often do such leg lifting exercises when watching TV and newspapers.”


Change a suitable chair: a large part of poor sitting posture is caused by inappropriate chairs. Now many office chairs are equipped with pulleys, which is not stable enough, so that people’s body muscles are in a very tense state after sitting on them. It is suggested to choose a chair that is smooth and comfortable and can make people relax.


Hyperactivity: if you can’t avoid sitting for work every day, you can do some in-situ exercises, such as small leg movements like stepping on the pedal of a sewing machine. If possible, raise your legs appropriately, pat your legs with your hands or do a simple massage from time to time.


Exercise the shoulder, neck and waist muscles: doing push ups can exercise the shoulder band muscles and neck band muscles, so that the two muscle groups that are easy to tighten due to sitting at the table can be effectively relaxed. Of course, it’s hard for women to do push ups, which is more suitable for dumbbell exercise.

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