The lazy man diet, in bed can be thin whole body!

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Many friends have lost confidence in losing weight, because they think they are too difficult to achieve the goal of weight loss, today to bring you some benefits, for people who are lazy and want to lose weight, there is nothing happier than lying in bed while still being able to lose weight! If Alopah says that there really is such an amazing method, believe it or not? Provide five exercise methods, so that you can achieve and the bed does not leave and can also lose weight great life dream. The lazy man’s diet, you can lose weight in bed while in bed!


Bed exercise method.


Bed exercise abdominal method


Body facing up, stretch the back, straighten the legs, slowly lift the legs, feel the abdomen tighten, legs in the air for a period of time, and then slowly put back in place. Pay attention to inhale during the process of lifting the legs, and exhale when lowering the legs. The set of movements repeated 15 times.


How to exercise the glutes in bed


With your body facing upward, bend your legs and place your feet flat on the bed with your arms next to your sides. Slowly lift your hips off the bed, stay in the air for 1 to 2 seconds, and then slowly return to the original position. Repeat the set 15 times, if you feel a burning sensation in the buttocks, it means the action is effective.


Bed to strengthen the leg muscles method


Lie on your side with your legs straight, lift the top leg and then slowly lower it, paying attention to keeping the top leg suspended and avoiding contact with the bottom leg. The action is repeated 15 times, and then change the side to repeat.


Bed to enhance arm strength method


Stack several thick cushions on the bed, stretch the body, in a diagonal straight line, hands on the cushion, push-up exercise. The group of movements repeated 15 times.


Bed full body exercise method


Lie on your right side, hold your head with your right hand, put your left hand on your left hip, lift your left leg, stretch and bend it towards the front of your body. Note that your hips should remain on your side, with your knees hanging in the air and not touching the bed. Perform the set for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat.


losing weight


There are three other exercises you can do in bed!


The first section, abdominal breathing.


Operation: Lie on the bed, loosen the belt, relax the body and eliminate distractions. Slowly inhale by the nose, while bulging belly, each breath persist for 10-15 seconds, and then slowly exhale, breathing 4 times per minute. This is very useful for regulating the internal organs and strengthening the body and fitness.


The second section, twist the foot exercise.


Feet and legs have 3 yang meridians and 3 yin meridians, foot twisting exercise can accelerate the operation of these 6 meridians of qi and blood, feet and legs of qi and blood flow, turbidity will be downstream, very good for the treatment of hypertension and other diseases. Not only that, after doing foot exercises at night, blood pressure will be much more stable, and improve sleep; morning after doing foot exercises and then get up, blood pressure is stable, the mind is also clearer.


Adhere to half a month, and then increase the number of foot exercises, the effect is better. It should be noted that this method is effective in lowering blood pressure, low blood pressure and physical weakness is not suitable for people to do.


Practice: after doing abdominal breathing, feet together, toes slowly downward pressure, and then slowly lift, as far as possible up, and then relax, do 30-50 times; then, the two feet slightly apart some, two ankles at the same time outward, inward 30-50 times; a short break, and then inward, outward 30-50 times times. All done, you will feel the ankles and calves sore and swollen very comfortable, legs and feet especially warm.


The third section, twisting hand exercise.


Both hands and arms also have 6 meridians through the wrists to promote their operation. Adhere to the wrist twisting action for about 3 months, can improve the function of the corresponding organs, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms will be improved, especially insomnia, do it once at night before going to bed, you can quickly enter dreamland.


Practice: After doing abdominal breathing and foot exercises, arms straight up, hands are slowly opened with force to as wide as possible, then slowly make a fist with force, and then relax, so repeatedly 10-20 times, hands and arms will have a sense of soreness; then, the two wrists simultaneously outward, inward, downward 30-50 times each, when rotating The speed should be slow and strong;


After a short rest, both wrists then do 30-50 times each inward, downward and outward. After all is done, both hands and arms will feel very hot and have a distinct feeling of soreness and swelling.

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