These 4 fitness exercises, stick to for a long time, the body has different benefits

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Exercise fitness, is a daily thing we have to adhere to do. If you wait until you are older or have health problems to think about exercising, it may be too late. Although it is impossible for us to do fitness exercise on time like eating and sleeping, exercise can help us improve our resistance, reduce body fat percentage, and keep our body active. Fitness is something we should do consistently.


In addition to strengthening your body, fitness can also help you lose weight, improve your physique and energy, improve your muscle strength, and improve every aspect of your life. If you neglect exercise because of your career, money doesn’t necessarily buy you health when you have health problems. Without health, you can’t carry on your career. Therefore, exercise is a long-term need for us to adhere to the matter.


Everyone’s time, energy, ideas and adaptability are different, and there are different ways to exercise in fitness, some people want to choose the best way to exercise, but different ways of exercise to our body is not the same effect. For example, strength training can help you build muscle, and cardio can help you build cardio endurance and break down excess fat. We should choose the right kind of exercise for ourselves, and make ourselves interested to stick to it. For example, some people think running is good, some people think running is bad, this is different from person to person.


However, it is best to stick to a variety of exercises, not a single exercise, not only boring and easy to adapt to the body. If the part of each training is too single, it is not conducive to their overall development. Here are 4 exercises you should do every day if you have the time. If you don’t have time, pick one or two moves to exercise, but get yourself moving.


1, the squat


This is one of the golden moves in the fitness world, not only for building up your lower body strength, but also for burning fat all over your body. Keep doing squats to increase bone density, slow down muscle loss, and slow down aging.


Squat is suitable for men and women training exercise, can achieve the hip, lean legs, muscle and fat reduction role. Doing 50 to 100 squats a day can make a big difference to your muscles and body shape.


2, walking


fitness exercises


Some people do not like running, mainly because running needs a certain cardiopulmonary endurance, adhere to the process of running too tired. Overweight people, after running will hurt knees, calves thick and so on, that doesn’t matter, we can use walking instead of running.


Walking is a form of running, at least at a lower level. However, walking is less harmful to knee joints and slow in burning fat. However, walking is more suitable for heavy people. If you walk for 1 hour every day, you will lose 5 to 6 pounds after 1 month.


3, running


There are many kinds of running, such as jogging, fast running, fast running and other ways, and the change of the field, will make you get different benefits and feelings.


People who insist on running will eventually fall in love with running and the feeling of sweating profusely. It’s hard to go a day without running. Although some people think that the process of running will be boring, the transformation of the body of the people who stick to it is obvious, such as the heart and lung function will be strengthened, the legs will become thinner, and the body will become thinner.


Running can not only lose weight, improve personal immunity, but also improve personal cardiopulmonary function. Many diseases that cannot be cured by doctors can be treated by running, do you believe it?


4,HIIT interval training


HIIT interval training is a medium and high intensity exercise with short training time and high fat-burning efficiency. It is more suitable for office workers who have little time to exercise at ordinary times.


You can complete a workout at home in 20 minutes, and HIIT quickly raises your body’s heart rate and puts your body into a fat-burning state. HIIT interval training combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises to reduce muscle loss. After 1 month of HIIT, you will definitely feel your body’s energy and vitality increase and get in shape.


These 4 kinds of fitness projects are quite common in fitness exercises. If you insist on doing 1-2 kinds of training every day, you will find that your body will get a lot of unexpected benefits for a long time.

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