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A girl who wants to eat salad to lose weight, how to make salad healthy and delicious? During the weight loss period, salad is probably the most popular weight loss food for girls, but eating salad should not be blind, but also pay attention to it. For example, if you eat too much fruit, the remaining fructose will be stored as fat! Here, alopah recommends you some weight loss salads. Not exceeding the amount is the king!


Diet salad recipe:

1、 Avocado Salad

1,First cut the avocado, remove the shell and core, and cut it into small pieces.


2,Peel and slice the golden kiwi fruit.


3,Slice banana, cucumber and sweet orange.


4,After all the materials are ready, put the cucumber and orange into the salad mixing container respectively.


5,there are cut avocado and golden kiwi.


6,And cut bananas


7,Finally, squeeze the low-fat salad dressing, stir well, and then put it into the salad bowl.


Weight loss salad


2、 Tuna salad

Ingredients: canned tuna, digestive biscuit, bitter chrysanthemum, apple, onion

Accessories: colored pepper, onion, corn kernel, refined salt, sugar, lemon juice, olive oil



1,Canned tuna, take out a few pieces of fish, 4 pieces of digestive biscuits, an appropriate amount of bitter chrysanthemum, colored pepper, onion and a little corn grain, drain the oil from the fish, tear the green and red pepper into small pieces, cut the onion into small strips, and break the digestive biscuit into small pieces for standby.


2,Place the processed ingredients on the plate according to your wishes and ideas


3,Cut 1 / 4 apples and 1 / 4 onions into small strips.


4,Put it into a blender, stir it up and pour it into a container.


5,4 tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp lemon juice.


6,1 tbsp sugar, a little salt.


7,Pour these ingredients into the grated apples and onions and stir them evenly.


8,Sprinkle the prepared salad dressing on the vegetables before serving. Don’t sprinkle it too early, otherwise the vegetables will exude water and affect the taste. Green and red peppers and other vegetables are best torn into pieces by hand, because the cut surface of the knife is easy to change color, and the water will lose quickly.


3、 Chicken breast salad

1,Boil broccoli in an electric rice cooker, and cook chicken breast and eggs.


2,Broccoli comes out of the pot first, then chicken breast, and finally eggs. The chicken breast is shredded with a fork. If you are not afraid of scalding, you can use your hand orz. After the egg comes out of the pot, soak it in cold water, so that the egg shell is easy to peel and the egg is diced.


3,Cut the cucumber into small pieces. Cut the tomatoes as you like.


4,Put tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, shredded chicken breast meat and eggs into a large bowl and stir them evenly. You can put them on a plate and squeeze the salad, as shown in my picture, but it’s just for good-looking. If you eat by yourself, just squeeze it into a big bowl and stir it together. Just eat it directly.


Pay attention to eating weight loss salad:


1,Don’t eat salad for three meals a day.

Salad can be used as a weight loss dinner, but you must not eat salad three meals a day. Eating salad alone can easily lead to malnutrition and even diarrhea.


2,Salad dressing should not be greedy.

Although salad has low calories, salad dressing has high calories. The main raw materials of salad dressing are egg yolk and salad oil (commonly known as salad oil), plus a little sugar, salt and vinegar. Eating too much is easy to get fat. Salad dressing can also be replaced by yogurt.

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