What are the fitness programs? How to choose suitable for their own sports?

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Nowadays, more and more people have discovered the benefits of fitness and are starting to get involved in fitness. And fitness exercise includes a very wide range of items, whether it is walking, tai chi or equipment training, self-weight training, these are all included in fitness training.


Well, do you know what the fitness program is?


Fitness exercise can be divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise according to the nature and characteristics of the exercise. Aerobic exercise refers to the exercise that can be carried out continuously and mainly provided with oxygen, including walking, running, swimming, playing ball, dancing, aerobics, tai chi, yoga, climbing, boxing, skipping and other training.


And in aerobic exercise, we are also divided into low, medium and high intensity exercise. Different intensity exercise has different caloric consumption and fat-burning effect, and medium and high intensity exercise has better fat-burning effect. For example, jumping rope and boxing belong to medium and high intensity exercise.


Anaerobic exercise refers to fitness programs that are unable to continue to exercise muscles without oxygen supply, including self-weight training and weight training such as squats, lunges, pull-ups, bench presses, push-ups, planks, etc., while weight training can be divided into free equipment training and fixed equipment training.




Common dumbbell training, kettlebell, barbell training can be classified as free equipment training, and in the strength area of the gym, unmovable equipment training, rowing machine, gantry, sitting posture push chest machine, Smith machine and so on are fixed equipment training.


Weight training stimulates the muscles more and can help you build a stronger muscular body, while weight training can limit the body development to a certain level, without more external stimulation, the body development will be stuck in a bottleneck, unable to develop better.


Generally speaking, people who focus on weight loss need to focus on aerobic exercise, supplemented by strength training, which can improve the efficiency of fat burning, but also prevent muscle loss, so that you lose weight faster. And the people who give priority to muscle should give priority to strength training, supplemented by aerobic exercise, so as to avoid the accumulation of fat, and at the same time, develop a more shaped body line.


Fitness do not blindly follow the trend, need to choose their own sports. Everyone’s physical and athletic abilities are different, and a training program that works for someone else may not work for you. We should choose suitable aerobic exercise project, suitable for their own weight to exercise, in order to improve the fitness effect, to achieve the ideal goal.


For beginners who want to start fitness training, combining aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise is the best approach. However, people who do not have conditions can start from aerobic exercise, running, dancing, playing ball are relatively easy to achieve.


Fitness is a matter that needs to adhere to, not three minutes of fever. Suggestion: Keep the exercise frequency more than 3-4 times a week, not less than 30 minutes each time, can consume excess weight, effectively prevent obesity, but also improve their own cardiopulmonary function, improve their comprehensive physical fitness, at the same time promote the body cell metabolism, resist the attack of aging, let you maintain the state of inverse age oh.

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