What do you know about fitness? What should I pay attention to when working out? Here are three things to know

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Fitness industry is becoming more and more popular, many people are joining in the process of fitness, fitness industry has also driven a lot of economic development. Like fitness bloggers, like fitness enthusiasts, actually they have a lot of wealth on the Internet through these stunts, in real life, fitness trainers. There are some fitness equipment, in fact, are very hot, now fitness has become a very hot topic, because everyone wants their body can be more healthy, can achieve a very healthy body, in addition, also hope that they can achieve the effect of fitness. So as to improve their ability in all aspects, but also can achieve a very good weight loss effect, but as more and more people join in the fitness.


We can find that in the process of fitness, in fact, there are still a lot of fitness, xiao Bai’s family, they actually do not know very much about fitness, just listen to people around about fitness can be conducive to their own health, and then join. But some of the knowledge of fitness, some of the foundation of fitness, or can not grasp when it reaches the field of fitness. Or go for a run in the park, or go to the gym to do some exercise, in this case, is not a very good way, because they don’t know some basic. Then in this process will also appear this kind of problems, a lot of people in the problem, also did not think to solve, and then quit the fitness ranks.


In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in the process of fitness, if you want to know more about the knowledge of fitness, then you can take a look at the following three experiences summed up for you, I hope you can achieve their goals through fitness.




Static stretching


This actually means that our muscles in a more comfortable environment to carry out a stretch, this in a comfortable environment, as long as you keep to about 20 seconds, is a very good result.


And in this process, we can find that the feeling of muscle stretching, is slowly weakened, so the strength is not very large.


Dynamic stretching, which is stronger than static stretching, requires multiple stretches within a range that the body can withstand over a period of time.




In fact, the amount of training is a very critical factor, before the training, we must do a good job in the amount of training, training is not too much, it is not too little.


If it is too much, it may lead to muscle injury. If it is too little, it may not achieve the results we want. So we should control the amount of training according to our physical quality to judge what extent we can achieve a fitness effect.


Filling water


In the exercise of water work is also very important, we can drink more water when the exercise, before the exercise, as far as possible to drink some water, to avoid the process of the exercise in the principle of water shortage.


After exercise, we should also hydrate. At this time, we should not be able to gulp water. We should also pay attention to drinking water slowly in the process of hydration.


If you do high-intensity training, make sure you have a recovery within a set period of time, or you do a series of recovery exercises within a set period of time, and never do high-intensity training again. You should know that these reactions after exercise are perfectly normal.


If we have some problems in the process of training, such as joint pain or nausea and vomiting, it may be that we have some problems in the process of exercise. At this time, we must pay attention to timely adjustment of our training plan.

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