What does sagging hip look like? How to make buttock become become warped greatly

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Hip sagging is brought about as a result of unhealthy living habits, how does that judge whether he belongs to hip sagging? Let’s see what sagging hips look like. How to make buttock become become warped greatly?


What appearance is coxal prolapse: the appearance of coxal prolapse is coxal is flat, adipose content is much, have the trend that goes down.


Croup is flat and droop: croup whole is adipose content is more, muscle content is less. Need to reduce fat with hip targeted training.


Hip is flat: whole muscle content is too little, need strengthens hip muscle group in the round.


Upper gluteus collapse: the gluteus medius muscle is weak and needs to be strengthened through targeted external rotation and abduction of the hip joint.


How to make buttock become become warped greatly


1.Faily hip movement


1,Take the stairs


Office workers usually go to work always do elevator, very easily abandoned the only opportunity that can exercise in the process of going to work. In fact, if there is enough time, office workers may consider taking the stairs. Climbing stairs is a good way to slim your hips, because the action of climbing stairs can exercise the muscles on both sides of your hips, making your hips tighten. Climbing stairs can also strengthen the body. It’s a great way to keep fit for girls who don’t exercise.


2,Do yoga


Usually after work, office workers can consider doing yoga at home, and more and more office women are practicing yoga. Yoga can not only detoxify beauty, but also promote metabolism, promote fat burning, can be a good shape. And a lot of movements in yoga have the effect of beautiful buttocks, practice yoga is beautiful body not only, still can let you have beautiful beautiful buttocks.


3,Wear high heels


Wearing high heels can not only boost girls’ height and make them look taller, they can actually exercise their hips. Women who walk in high heels unconsciously tighten their hips, effectively toning them down, according to a US study. But it is not recommended that girls wear high heels every day, it is not good for the development of the feet. So girls who want to slim their hips can consider walking slowly in high heels for 30 minutes, which can have unexpected effects.


2.The hip action


sagging hip


Kick out your butt while lying down


1, lie on the ground, feet together upward vertical lift, and bend to 90 degrees, hands naturally on the side of the body into a prepared position.


2, the upper body and the right foot to maintain a ready position, the right foot slightly down.


3,Keep the upper body still and lift the right foot up to the ready position while lowering the left foot slightly. This action is a set of left and right, repeat 20 times.


Sitting with your belly in and your hips up


1,Sit with your stomach in. Spread your feet as wide as your pelvis and bend them to 90 degrees, and lift your hands straight forward to shoulder height.


2,Keep your hands at shoulder height, bend your upper body slightly and lean back slowly in a C-shape. Take a deep breath and hold this position for 5 seconds.


3,Keep your hands still and lean forward slowly. Repeat 15 times.


Cross your hips with your feet


1, lie on the ground, feet together upward vertical lift, and bend to 90 degrees, left ankle on the right ankle, hands naturally on the side of the body into a prepared position.


2,Take a deep breath, use abdominal strength, and lift your feet forward so that your hips are completely off the ground.


Kick your butt


1, lie flat on the ground, feet stretched toes together upward vertical lift, and bend to 90 degrees, hands fingers crossed on the back of the head position.


2, hands will slowly lift the head up, chin and clavicle to maintain a fist distance.


3, maintain the position of action 2, the right foot slowly straight forward kick.


4, the right foot back while the left foot slowly straight forward kick.


You can turn around and get your butt done


1,Sit with chest out and waist in, bend your feet slightly, hook your toes, open slightly wider than your shoulders, put your hands on your shoulders, and look ahead in a ready posture.


2,Keep your lower body still and turn your upper body slowly to the right.


3, the upper body slowly to the right after the recovery to the front slowly bend over.


4,Slowly turn to the left, holding the ending position of action 3.


Doggie butt lift


1, hands and shoulder width, palm support, feet open and pelvis width, kneeling on the ground, at this time from the side, leg and thigh, upper body and thigh, upper body and hand are 90 degrees.


2, the upper body up at the same time slowly bow, the body is arched bridge.

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