What foods are conducive to the discharge of lead from children’s bodies?

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Lead is a kind of “poison scale” that cannot be decomposed by itself. If a small amount of lead is deposited in the brain, it will block the child’s brain development and affect learning. If the original excellent children have lost their concentration, memory, reading comprehension and academic performance day by day… Then we must pay attention. The lead ingested by children is not mainly stored in bones as adults, but enters tissues in the body. Therefore, excessive lead is more harmful to children. As the blood-brain barrier of children is not yet perfect, lead is more likely to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and cause permanent damage to brain development.


If your baby’s lead exceeds the standard, the doctor may suggest that you choose some lead elimination drugs, look for the lead pollution source and cut it off in time. Some foods also have the function of removing lead. If your baby has added supplementary food, you can choose to eat it for your baby.Lead Elimination Foods


1,milk and cheese:


Dairy products are rich in high-quality protein, which can prevent the human body from absorbing lead. Babies under 1 year old should be mainly breast milk or formula.


2,animal liver, animal blood, meat, eggs, fish, shrimp, bean products, etc.:


Lead Elimination Foods


These foods can also provide rich protein. At the same time, they can also supplement the baby with trace elements such as iron, calcium and zinc. Sufficient iron, calcium and zinc are conducive to the discharge of lead and prevent the absorption of lead.


3,calcium rich foods:


Such as breast milk and dairy products, seafood, bean products, etc. Sufficient calcium can not only block the absorption of lead, but also prevent the lead deposited on the bone from being brought into the blood and then discharged from the body when bone calcium is transferred into the blood in the case of insufficient calcium.




Alginic acid in kelp can promote the discharge of lead, and the plant colloid is also conducive to adsorb lead and let it follow the food residue out of the body.


5,fresh vegetables and fruits:


Vitamins, phytic acid, fruit acid and pectin help to promote the discharge of lead. It is particularly worth mentioning that fruits such as Seabuckthorn and kiwi fruit are rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the absorption capacity of lead.

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