What harm does poisonous eggs do to people? How to distinguish poisonous eggs?

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What harm does poisonous eggs do to people? Recently, a poisonous egg crisis broke out in European countries. People were very frightened and worried that they bought poisonous eggs to eat. Here’s how to distinguish poisonous eggs.


Harm of poisonous eggs to people

On August 3, the Dutch food safety department announced the inspection results of 180 farms suspected of having “toxic eggs“, of which 147 farms’ eggs contained the pesticide fipronil. The authorities announced that all the problem eggs will be recalled and the problem farms will be closed until the health inspection meets the standard. The Department published the number of poisonous eggs for consumers to check. The eggs produced in the Netherlands are printed with numbers on the eggshell, indicating the breeding mode, production country, breeding farm and other information. The Department also announced that it would take urgent measures to prevent serious public health incidents in Europe. Some data believe that the total number of toxic eggs to be recalled this time has reached millions. Fipronil is an insecticide that can kill fleas, mites and lice. It is listed as a chemical with “moderate toxicity to human beings” by the World Health Organization. EU law stipulates that fipronil shall not be used in livestock and poultry in the human food industry chain. The World Health Organization said that eating a large number of foods containing high concentrations of fipronil would damage the liver, thyroid and kidney.


How to distinguish poisonous eggs

First, sensory identification: shape, color and cleanness and beauty of eye eggs. Good quality fresh eggs, egg shell clean, matte, frost shell, bright color layer. Eggs with poor quality fall off the surface of eggshell cream; The shell color is shiny, dark gray or black, black, oily leaching; There are more or larger mildew spots. Many toxins are harmful to health.


How to choose fresh eggs


Second, hand touch identification: put the egg on the palm and turn it over. Good quality fresh egg, rough eggshell, appropriate weight; Inferior egg, light weight and smooth feel.


Third, the sound of each impact of good quality fresh eggs is clear, and the shaking of eggs in hand is silent. The quality of fresh eggs is poor. When shaking, each hitting ball, ringing bell (hatching eggs), empty sound (spraying eggs), and shaking sound when holding eggs.


Fourth, nose and smell identification: blow on the eggshell with your mouth, and then smell the smell. Good quality fresh eggs have a slight taste of quicklime.


How to choose fresh eggs

When many people choose eggs, they always feel that the larger the egg, the more economical it is. In fact, hens lay eggs every day. As they grow older, the birth canal widens, and the size of eggs is relatively large. Although the nutrients contained in large and small eggs are almost the same, old hens often have other problems. Experts remind that obviously too large eggs usually have the problem of thin eggshell, which represents the poor health of hens and may even get sick. Therefore, he suggests that it is safer to choose small and medium-sized eggs. As for whether the eggs are fresh, you can test the feel when you buy them. The fresh eggs are heavy and the eggshell is thick. After the egg is opened, the yolk film is very elastic. The yolk is complete and firm, and will not be scattered; If a small lump of white thick unidentified object is found, it is the egg frenum used to fix the egg yolk from collision, which means that the egg is very fresh. In addition, the most important principle when selecting eggs is to make sure that the eggshell is free of cracks and damages. Zhang Zhaoqin, a distinguished professor at the Institute of Microbiology and public health at ZTE University, pointed out that as long as the eggshell is cracked, bacteria will invade. At this time, no matter how fresh and clean the egg itself is, it won’t help.


There are often consumers who wash the eggs immediately after they buy them back and put them in the refrigerator. This is a wrong action, because cleaning can not only destroy Salmonella, but also make the bacteria on the surface of the eggshell penetrate into the eggs because of humidity. The more they wash, the worse they get. Therefore, the correct approach is to put the whole box of washed eggs in the refrigerator without first processing; Unwashed eggs can be wiped off the dust on the surface with a dry cloth, and then put into an independent position in the refrigerator to avoid cross infection. When put into the refrigerator, it should be arranged vertically, with one end of the circle facing up and the tip facing down, so as to avoid the air in the air chamber affecting the freshness. Before cooking, whether you wash the eggs or not, wash them with clean water, rub their fingers on the eggshell for a while, and then beat the eggs into the dishes immediately, so as to avoid the dirt on the surface contacting the egg yolk when opening the eggshell.

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