Why can’t autumn reduce weight drink water in large quantities to bring about fat 6 big reasons

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What method does autumn reduce weight have? The first thing to think of is to lose weight through exercise. We know that you can’t drink water at will after exercise. Why? Fall weight loss why can’t drink a lot of water? Let’s take a look.


Exercise to lose weight is the most effective and direct way to lose weight by burning fat, but can not drink water at will after exercise, and the way to drink water will bring great harm to the body, especially after exercise to drink water immediately, gastrointestinal bad will cause acute gastritis. People with bad stomach can not drink a lot of water after exercise, which will stimulate the stomach, reduce gastrointestinal resistance and cause gastritis. Drinking too much water is also not the right way to drink water.


lose weight


6 causes of obesity


Lack of sleep


People who averaged less than four hours a night were 73 percent more likely to be obese than those who slept about eight hours, the study found. People who slept less also had higher food needs and appetites than people with normal sleep.


Obesity is’ contagious’


‘Contagion’ refers to the impact on diet and lifestyle, with people living with or close to people who are obese increasing their chances of becoming obese by 57 per cent.


blow air conditioning


It may be a little strange that air conditioning leads to obesity, but the main reason for obesity is that the body’s function of heat regulation is slowly reduced under constant temperature. The regulation of heat is hindered, and obesity is followed by embarrassment.




Obesity can be inherited. Scientists in Britain have discovered a genetic variant that regulates the amount of fat in the body and makes people weigh more than average.




An anti-obesity factor, known to scientists as leptin, reduces hunger and food intake. But some people who lack leptin eat more than the average person and are more likely to become obese.


Not eating healthy


Diet is of course an important factor in weight gain, and many people get fat from eating. People who eat high-calorie foods, such as fatty meats and fried foods, are more likely to gain weight than those who eat a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits.

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