Why the effect of fitness 3 months is not as good as others 1 month, you do this 3 points?

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Exercise and fitness can improve our physique and make our body more in shape. Many beginners waste a lot of energy and time when they just start to exercise because of the incorrect method. Some people practiced 3 months, the effect is inferior to others to practice 1 month to come good, this among them reason, not equal to see below 3 points you have done first.


Has each session reached an hour?


Some exercise, going to the gym or running rowing exercise 2 hours in the home, including 1 hour and drink water to take a bath, chat see spend 30 minutes, spend 10 minutes to warm up, stretching for 10 minutes, in fact the real training time, may be only 10 minutes, the training time, how there may be training effect, whether do strength training, or aerobic exercise, Want to ensure time first enough, 10 minutes of strength, 30 minutes of above aerobic exercise, ability lets movement achieve effective exercise.


Do you exercise regularly?




Some people at the time of movement, finished the first day of classes, the next day because of delayed onset muscle soreness, and then began to retreat, rest for three days, the fourth day started practice again, then rest for three days, the fitness law, it is difficult to achieve the result of movement, to develop exercise habits of exercising at least five days a week, such as sports 3 days, 1 day rest, want to be better, Should adhere to continuous exercise for 5-6 days, and then give yourself a day of rest, such regular exercise, in order to significantly improve the effect of exercise.


Did you have breakfast?


Some people in order to lose weight, deliberately do not eat breakfast, think that eating less weight loss will be faster, in fact, this is into a misunderstanding, for people who lose fat, a nutritious breakfast, can be mentioned


It increases your metabolism throughout the day, which makes you more energetic throughout the day. It also reduces hunger and is conducive to fat loss.


The above three points, if you do not do, then you can not blame their training has no effect, change yourself, need to pay a certain persistence, in order to return to their own a proud body.

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