Winter weight loss tips let you quietly become thin

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In the winter time we are more likely to grow meat a season, because at this time the weather is relatively cold, and we do not have a lot of sweating exercise, so it is easier to lead to obesity problems, then in this case when many people are thinking in the winter time we should how to lose weight? What tips are available to help us? Here let us go to understand it.


1, eat less


Want to lose weight better in the winter time, then we must pay attention to eat less, but the fact is, even if you eat less will not make you become more afraid of cold. The body’s metabolism is certain, not because you eat less will affect the metabolism. And metabolism is normal, you consume or release heat is normal, so you will not feel cold.


Winter is a colder season, then at this time your brain will remind you that you should need to eat something more, and many times you want to eat something is not because you are hungry, so want to eat something when you put a bottle of water around, hungry first drink two.


2, exercise


In the winter time many people will not want to exercise because of the cold weather, then do not want to exercise outdoors, then we can choose to exercise indoors, using the half hour before going to bed can be. If you feel that their athletic talent is okay, then you can choose some curl or squat exercise, if you think you are suitable for a little lighter, then you can choose some sleep yoga to. It is always a little difficult to stick to when you start exercising, but you must not be lazy, there is a study that says it takes 21 days to develop an exercise habit, so stick to it and make exercise your habit.


3, refuse junk food


Some girls like to eat some snacks, such as ham, instant noodles or potato chips ice cream and so on, these deeply processed food, calories are amazingly high, so you want to lose weight must eat less. If you can not do less or do not eat, then you have to eat in moderation, limiting themselves to eat only one a week, and not more than 100g.


4, the main food to eat less


Eat less does not mean do not eat, some people choose not to eat staples, then your carbohydrate intake will not be enough, metabolism will begin to decline, and finally you can not even digest the most basic energy, how to lose weight? And eating fewer staples can effectively reduce your body’s carbohydrate intake, carbohydrate intake is reduced, the amount of sugar converted into less. If the sugar is only enough for your own body’s consumption, then it will not be converted into fat.

weight loss


What to eat to lose weight in winter


Pumpkin: pumpkin contains a lot of fiber, can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce the chances of constipation, for the thin lower body is very beneficial, especially the hip weight loss.


Tofu:Tofu is a highly nutritious, high mineral, low fat food, it contains a lot of protein to help strengthen the human body as well as increase a person’s sense of satiety, which helps the human body to lose weight.


Shrimp: shrimp also belongs to the white meat, contains very low calories, but contains a lot of protein and calcium, can provide the body with sufficient calcium, and at the same time help the body to lose weight.


Winter melon: Since ancient times, winter melon is a good product for weight loss, winter melon is different from other fruits and melons, does not contain any fat, low calories, and also contains very low sodium, with very good diuretic and dampness effect.


Pear: fruit in addition to apples there is a fruit with a very low calorie content, that is pear. Pear water content is very high can fill the stomach at the same time to avoid eating too much calories. In addition, it contains cellulose for lignin is a kind of insoluble fiber, can be dissolved in the intestine, forming a film like gel, can be combined with cholesterol and fat in the intestine and excreted. Therefore pear is a very good laxative fruit, of course, for weight loss is also very helpful.


Pomegranate:The antioxidant effect of pomegranate is the top of all kinds of fruits, even higher than the antioxidant capacity of tomatoes, green tea and other foods several times. Pomegranates are not only good for beauty but also for weight loss because they are very low in calories and rich in fruit and vegetable fiber, which can help cleanse the intestinal tract. In addition, because pomegranates are small particles, it takes a lot of time to eat them, so they can satisfy the pleasure of chewing and reduce the intake of calories.


Apple: an apple a day fat away from you. The main reason for this is that apples contain a lot of pectin and dietary fiber, which can effectively increase the feeling of satiety. At the same time, apples contain unique malic acid, can accelerate metabolism, reduce lower body fat, and it contains more calcium than other fruits, can reduce the lower body edema salt.


Sweet potatoes: many people mistakenly believe that eating more sweet potatoes will cause obesity, in fact, sweet potatoes can not only stabilize the body’s blood sugar can also reduce hunger, because sweet potatoes contain a large number of fiber structure, these fibers in the intestine can not be absorbed, there is a special function to block the sugar into fat. Although sweet potatoes taste very sweet but actually contains very low calories, whether used as a staple food or a side dish, is a good weight loss food.


Broccoli: low calorie broccoli is rich in vitamins A and C, calcium and dietary fiber, fiber can hinder the absorption of food, fiber in the stomach to absorb water and swell, can form a larger volume, so that people feel full, help reduce food consumption, have a role in weight control. Broccoli can be used in a variety of ways, and can be made into a variety of flavorful dishes, salads and vegetable soups.


Winter weight loss methods


1、A little more sunshine – suppress your appetite


Studies have proven that insufficient sunlight will induce your desire for various snack desserts, such as cakes, cookies, ice cream, French fries, etc.. This is because sun exposure stimulates the secretion of a hormone called pentraxin in the brain, which has the function of stimulating and suppressing appetite. The snail’s pace of life in winter, less sunlight, the brain’s pentothal secretion is reduced, you become depressed want to eat.


How much sunlight is suitable? Experts give advice is about an hour of sunlight a day is enough. If your work environment is not by the window, there is not enough sunlight. You can choose to go out for a walk after lunch every day. Remember to put on sunscreen, although the UV rays are not strong, but a long time sun will still hurt the skin.


2, a little more protein – control the cravings for carbohydrates and snacks


The best way to control your appetite in winter is to eat a little more protein. Eat a little more protein can help you eat less carbohydrates. But how much more? For example, a person who weighs about 130 pounds should eat 20 grams more protein per day in the winter, or 99 grams (about two taels), up from the 79 grams needed.


There is a standard formula for calculating the amount of protein the human body needs to consume each day: weight (pounds) X 0.55. For example, a person weighing 145 pounds needs 145 X 0.55 = 0.79 grams of protein per day. (One pound = 0.9 pounds).


3,A little more crude fiber – control total calories


Refined pasta and high-sugar foods, such as sugar, cola, cake, etc., are not only low in nutrition, but also add a lot of fat during processing, making it easy for you to exceed the calorie limit.


So, from now on, store more roughage in your fridge, oats, fruits, etc. are good choices. These foods are rich in fiber and can make your fullness last longer. For a tasty treat, you can add some raisins or other dried fruits to your oatmeal, or some skim milk, some low-fat soy butter to your whole wheat bread, or black beans to your millet.


It is worth noting that packaged whole wheat bread or coarse grains cookies, pay attention to the food label, generally higher calories, because the pure coarse grains taste is not good, in order to improve the taste, the business will add more fat, but very bad for weight loss Oh.


4, a little more exercise – consume excess fat


Exercise is essential, exercise can make you energetic, burn more fat. If it’s too cold outdoors, do some strength training indoors as well as calisthenics it. Small dumbbells are a good choice. At least 2-3 times a week. At least 20 minutes each time. Nowadays, the popular Zheng Duoyan diet exercises, insanity, etc., you can choose a set to do according to your preference, if you want to prevent obesity, you should dance at least three times a week. If you want to lose excess fat, 5 times a week is the best.


5, get enough sleep for 8 hours a day – enhance metabolism


Sleep deprivation and poor sleep will make the body want to store fat, and when people enter deep sleep, the brain will secrete a lot of hormones to break down fat; sleep poor people insulin secretion will increase, the body is more likely to store fat; research has also found that people who do not get enough sleep have a slower metabolic rate (in different sleep stages, the rate of metabolism is not the same, when sleep into the rapid eye movement period, metabolism The metabolic rate will reach its highest when sleep enters the REM phase, and if you sleep less, the REM sleep phase will decrease, which will cause you to eat too much, eat what you shouldn’t eat, and eat at the wrong time. This is why you want to lose weight successfully, you have to get a good night’s sleep first.


Scientists have also confirmed that the number of hours of sleep, even if the weight loss, but the proportion of fat loss is less, for example, only five hours of sleep, the loss of muscle, bone, internal organs composed of the “net weight”, rather than fat, and also easy to feel hungry.


However, it is not the more sleep the better, sleep too long people’s metabolism will be slower, because they have been lying in bed and did not consume calories. A full 7-8 hours of sleep a day is the most beneficial for weight loss. Don’t sleep because the winter days are short and nights are long.


I believe that we have learned through the above reading what methods we can use to lose weight effectively in the winter, and in our daily lives we have shared with you some of the food in weight loss, often eaten in the winter time for us to lose weight is a certain benefit Oh.

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