Women’s health tips: eat them for breakfast to brighten your skin color

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Women’s health tips:In winter, people’s appetite increases greatly and the spleen and stomach become prosperous. At this time, health preservation can play a better role. Women should eat well and eat right breakfast every day. Today, alopah recommends 6 kinds of food to help brighten your skin color!




Iron is the main medium to produce human energy. It undertakes the important task of delivering oxygen to human organs and muscles. Therefore, if the human body lacks iron, it will lead to anemia and make people feel dizzy and weak.


Although pig liver and lean meat are the best sources of iron, often eating some red beans, black beans or soybeans can also supplement iron and effectively improve fatigue and weakness.




Women's health tips


Spinach contains magnesium, a mineral that women are more likely to lack. If a woman’s daily intake of magnesium is less than 280 mg, people will feel tired. The role of magnesium in the human body is to convert carbohydrates in muscle into available energy.




Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which helps the human body absorb iron and nourish cells. Therefore, eating more strawberries can make people energetic.




Bananas are known as “high-energy food”. They contain carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the human body and are also rich in potassium. Potassium can help maintain the normal function of muscles and nerves in the human body, but it cannot be stored in the body for a long time. After strenuous exercise, the potassium in the body will drop very low.


Research shows that low potassium can lead to muscle pain, arrhythmia and slow response, while eating a few bananas can supplement the lack of potassium.


5,Skimmed yogurt


Many women feel tired and sleepy before and after menstruation. A study shows that eating more calcium rich foods, such as skimmed yogurt, can significantly improve this situation.


If you eat three small cups of skimmed yogurt or two large cups of milk every day, you can reduce abdominal pain, fatigue, irritability and other symptoms, because calcium can alleviate muscle tension and regulate endocrine.




It has been found that if the fiber content of breakfast is high, there will be no feeling of hunger. Nutritionists explained that fiber can slow down digestion, continuously supply carbohydrates to blood vessels, and make the human body continuously obtain energy.


Oatmeal is a kind of food rich in fiber. The energy release is slow and balanced, which can keep the blood glucose level at a high level, so you won’t feel hungry and energetic soon.

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