2 Best Medical Marketing Strategies in 2021

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Putting together innovative medical marketing strategies for medical practices can be a daunting and often downright confusing endeavor.With what seems like endless marketing and advertising channel options and oftentimes contradictory information online about what is the best fit navigating these waters can seem treacherous.


The last thing you want to do is end up making a wrong decision and spending time, money, and valuable resources to find out the initiative was a waste of time and ineffective at growing the practice.That is why I have put together a list of 2 medical marketing strategies for doctors; every practice should not do without.


Optimize your practice website for patient experience

Today more than ever, potential patients are searching on the web for local physicians and healthcare services.Patients are taking their health into their own hands and by doing so care more and more about establishing a know, like and trust relationship with a potential practice before walking through the doors or book an appointment.


Improving your patient’s experience on your website will significantly increase patient leads and retention.Your website design should have customized features, fast page speed, be mobile-friendly, and interactive.


Designed for Mobile Devices

Most searches are done via mobile or tablet devices, so having a fully responsive medical website design is crucial.Check out this primary care client example. You can see the menu, a clear call to action, and what they do all above the fold on mobile load.Make sure your website design includes flexible images and website structures.


The practice website should be built for all platforms, so you capture the maximum number of website visitors and not just limited to desktop searches.Page speed can be the #1 reason for a high bounce rate for your medical website.


Medical Marketing Strategies


Speed Matters

Slow website page speed will irritate your online users and deter them from staying on your website.Websites that are difficult to navigate with slow page speed will give potential patients a negative experience.


A negative experience makes users more likely to leave your website to go to a competitor’s. It is critical to evaluate and put a plan together to improve website page speed to lower bounce rates and increase lead conversion.


Make Treatments & Services Visible

Layout practice treatments and services on the practice homepage.When patients are visiting your practice website, they should find all your services and treatments quickly if your medical practice offers a wide variety of services down select to the main procedures and services that you want to feature.


We do ENT marketing for an otolaryngology practice, and we made sure that their core services are right on their home page.When deciding on what treatments to promote, think of your ideal audience, key differentiators, and high revenue procedures.


Use lead forms to make it easy for patients to request appointments and to create a call to action for high revenue services.Lead forms a big for driving leads in your medical marketing strategy.


When designing lead forms on the website, make sure they are accessible and straightforward. Patients don’t want to fill out long and unnecessary forms to schedule an appointment.Your practice website needs to be built with proper medical SEO and keywords.


To stay competitive and show up in search results, your website design needs to have all the essential keywords and proper SEO structure.A top-performing website will have a solid SEO and keywords at the foundation of the website design.


Search engine optimization will be built page by page for all aspects of the website through image optimization, accurate meta descriptions, H tags, page structures, and more.A medical SEO expert will spend their time building out each page of your practice website and do competitive keyword research to make sure your site is on top of local search results.


Invest in Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Social media marketing is an essential part of great medical marketing strategies and will help you share content and reach your ideal patient base.


Social media marketing for doctors is a massive contributor to driving traffic to your medical or dental practice website and search engine rankings.Social media will help medical marketing strategies reach a broad audience and can be used as a critical lead generation tool.


Utilize the available analytics tools that social media platforms provide to track your efforts and modify the social media marketing campaigns for your dental practice.Did you know that Instagram analytics will tell you exactly what times of day your followers are most active?


That is a BIG advantage for optimizing exactly when to post to ensure the highest level of visibility.Not all social media platforms are alike, and not all social media is a good fit for your medical practice. Each healthcare social media marketing platform is different and created for a specific audience.


Take the time to evaluate the social media profiles that are the best fit for the medical marketing of the practice based on the target audience and the makeup of the audience that each platform targets.Check out the age demographics in the graph below for the major social media platforms. What age do you target?


You do not want to waste precious time and energy on profiles that don’t reach your audience. Instagram tends to be a great fit for marketing a plastic surgery practice, aesthetics, or dermatology marketing; however, Instagram may not be an excellent fit for urology practice marketing.


To be successful for medical marketing for doctors on social media, you need to be:

Consistent and organized

Optimized properly


Regular Posting

Contain unique images and content for your practice

Create consistent brand continuity

Share content that drives patients to your website


If you are investing in video content, here are some fantastic Youtube SEO tips to keep in mind when posting new videos.

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