2021 is the best year to buy these three healthcare stocks

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For the medical industry, last year was good and bad. The epidemic has helped some companies, especially those that have developed covid-19 treatments and vaccines or focus on virtual medicine. Other companies were hurt because the outbreak of the new coronavirus destroyed their business. However, a new year has come. It will bring new opportunities and challenges. Several healthcare companies seem to be in a particularly good position to succeed this year. I think these are the three healthcare stocks worth buying in 2021.


1.Intuitive Surgical

Innovative surgery belongs to the category of healthcare companies, which did not perform well due to the increase of covid-19 cases this year. The company is a leader in robotic surgery systems. Since the epidemic has put pressure on hospital processes and delayed many non emergency operations, intuitive has been hit by selling replacement instruments and accessories for its own system as a source of income. For more analysis, will it be too late to buy innovative surgical?


There is reason to be optimistic that this situation has improved significantly this year. With the introduction of coronavirus vaccine, the number of covid-19 cases will decrease over time. This will pave the way for the recovery of the number of robot assisted surgeries, thereby increasing the revenue of innovative surgery.


Even if it takes longer than expected for things to return to normal, intuitive is still a great stock worth buying in the long run. The company benefits from an absolutely unstoppable trend – an aging population. With the increase of the number of the elderly in the United States and other major countries / regions, the demand for surgery (including several types of surgical methods, with the best effect of robot assisted treatment) will also increase.


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Even though intuitive has made remarkable growth in pioneering robotic surgery over the past 20 years, the vast majority of surgeries are still performed without the use of robotic systems. This provides another huge opportunity for the group. This is why the company has actively invested in R & D to expand more surgeries into the use of the company’s robotic surgical system.


2.Vertex Pharmaceuticals

In my opinion, vertex pharmaceuticals is currently the best biotechnology stock in the market. This is a bold proposition, but I believe it is supported by facts. According to more vertex analysis, Biden bought these four unstoppable US stocks in the bull market in 2021.


Vertex’s revenue and profits soared, mainly benefiting from four approved cystic fibrosis (CF) drugs. This trend seems almost certain to continue this year and beyond. Trikafta / kaftrio, the company’s latest CF drug, actually became a big selling product in the United States immediately. Vertex was approved by European regulators last August and has begun to launch the drug in major European markets.


No other company is even close to vertex in the CF market. Vertex’s four drugs are the only drugs approved for the treatment of this rare genetic disease. Although several pharmaceutical companies have become drug candidates for the clinical stage of CF, none of them has surpassed the phase 2 test.


Vertex is not limited to CF. The biotech company’s product line includes several promising programs aimed at other rare genetic diseases, especially in cooperation with CRISPR therapeutics β Gene editing therapy for thalassemia and sickle cell disease. Vertex also has high expectations for its experimental gene therapy, which may cure type 1 diabetes. The company plans to start early clinical testing of the candidate drug this year.


3.Guardant Health

Guardian health is the biggest winner in 2020 among the three healthcare stocks. Its share price soared more than 70% last year. I expect the stock to make another success this year. According to more Guardian health analysis, these three high growth US stocks will make you richer in 2021 and beyond.


Last August, the company’s guardant360 CDX became the first liquid biopsy approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which can be used for comprehensive tumor mutation analysis of any type of solid tumor. Liquid biopsy was also approved as a companion diagnosis for patients with non-small cell lung cancer to identify whether it may be suitable for treatment with AstraZeneca’s tagrisso drug.


I hope the sales of guardant360 CDX will have a strong growth momentum this year. According to Guardian health, the total potential market of this product is about US $6 billion in the United States alone. Since the market value of the company is still less than $14 billion, guardant360 CDX itself should be a huge growth engine for guardant health.


However, guardian health faces greater opportunities. The company is conducting clinical studies to evaluate lunar-1 and lunar-2 (liquid biopsy for cancer recurrence monitoring and early cancer detection). These two products have a potential market of more than 45 billion US dollars in the United States. I think Guardian health can buy high-quality stocks in 2021 and beyond.

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