Bayer acquires Vividion enhanced Drug discovery platform

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On August 5, Bayer ag announced the acquisition of Vividion, a biopharmaceutical company based in the United States. The company uses new discovery techniques to develop precision therapies by unlocking high-value targets that have not traditionally been available over the counter. Vividion’s platform enables a range of small molecule therapies for a wide range of indications, initially focusing on oncology and immunology related targets. Vividion’s focus includes multiple precision oncology targets as well as precision immunology targets. We are currently developing NRF2 antagonists for NRF2 mutated cancers and NRF2 activators for different inflammatory diseases such as irritable bowel disease.


Upon completion of the acquisition, Bayer will acquire full rights to Vividion’s proprietary discovery platform, which consists of three integrated and synergistic components: a new chemical proteomic screening technology, an integrated data portal and a proprietary chemistry library. The acquisition of Vividion will strengthen Bayer’s small molecule capabilities and expand bayer’s therapeutic model into new areas. Under the terms of the agreement, Bayer will make an up-front payment of $1.5 billion and a milestone payment of up to $500 million based on the success of the goals.


“This acquisition is an important cornerstone of our strategy to advance the company’s product line through breakthrough innovation.” Stefan Oelrich, member of the Management Board of Bayer group and global President of Bayer’s Prescription Medicine Division, said: “Vividion has the most advanced technology in the industry and has proven its ability to identify drug candidates for challenging proteins. Combined with Bayer’s existing expertise, we will be able to develop a series of first-of-its kind drug candidates, add value to our product line and aim to deliver innovative therapies to patients whose medical needs cannot be met by current treatment options.”


In the field of drug discovery, the identification of drug candidates for non-patent proteins is a huge challenge. Vividion’s chemical proteomics screening platform enables the selective evaluation of screening chemical probes targeting the human proteome to identify previously unknown binding pockets at well-validated protein targets. This results in highly potent and highly selective compounds that provide a broad therapeutic window in many areas where there is a high level of unmet medical need. Vividion’s technology has demonstrated its preclinical applicability in oncology and immune-related diseases and has the potential to expand to more indications.


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“Despite advances in genomics, structural biology and high-throughput screening, approximately 90% of pathogenic proteins cannot be targeted with current therapies due to a lack of known, addressible binding sites,” said Jeff Hatfield, CEO of Vividion. Our proprietary chemical proteomics platform technology addresses key limitations of traditional screening techniques, thus enabling us to discover previously unknown or mysterious functional pockets on the surface of proteins, identifying small molecules that selectively bind to these targets. Combined with Bayer’s expertise in developing small-molecule drugs for markets and patients, we are in an unmatched position to unlock off-patent targets and develop the first novel compounds to benefit patients.”


In order to maintain an entrepreneurial culture as an important pillar of the company in fostering successful innovation, Vividion will continue to operate as an independent organization based on fair play principles. Vividion will be responsible for developing its technology and product portfolio, while benefiting from Bayer’s experience, infrastructure and influence as a multinational pharmaceutical company.


Closing of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including receipt of required regulatory approvals, and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2021.


About bayer


As a multinational company, Bayer has core competencies in health and agriculture in the field of life sciences. The company is committed to helping people overcome the major challenges of a growing and aging global population through products and services that benefit people and the planet. Bayer is committed to promoting sustainability and having a positive impact on our business. At the same time, the group also promotes profitability and creates value through technological innovation and business growth. Around the world, the Bayer brand stands for trustworthiness, reliability and quality. In fiscal year 2020, Bayer has approximately 100,000 employees and sales of 41.4 billion euros. Research and development, excluding special projects, was 4.9 billion euros.


About Vividion


Vividion is a biopharmaceutical company that uses novel discovery technologies to unlock high-value targets that have not traditionally been available over the counter to develop precision therapies for cancer and immune diseases. The company’s platform has enabled the identification of hundreds of previously unknown functional pockets at well-proven protein targets with potential links to a wide range of diseases. The technique also enables the identification of highly selective compounds interacting with these pockets from its proprietary covalent chemical library. The company is leveraging its proprietary chemical proteomics platform to advance a diverse line of highly selective small molecule therapeutics for high-value, traditionally off-patent targets in oncology and immunology.

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